Mannequins of the New Century: Digital models make millions of dollars

With the New Century, the new Models of the Fashion World started to earn millions of dollars thanks to their beauty and amazing features. With the changing world, mannequins are now virtual.

Miquela Sousa Is One Of The Most Popular Among Digital Models

Miquela Sousa is One of the Most Popular Digital Models. With her female-designed and attributed features, Sousa is on her way to the peak of her popularity. These virtual models earn millions of dollars by appearing in advertisements, movies and many digital media.

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In today’s content, we have compiled “digital models”, the new toys of the fashion, music and advertising industry. Here is an article you can enjoy reading about these models, which are no different from a real person and make a lot of money.

In this age where the real and the virtual are intertwined, a brand new trend has started. Some call it a “virtual mannequin” or a “digital model” and some call it a “digital person”. These designs, which reveal the point of technology in a concrete way, astonish those who see it. They are so real that people cannot distinguish the difference.

Those who do not believe in the possibility of being produced in a computer environment think that it can be a robot. Moreover, these digital models earn serious money.

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Bella Hadid and Miquela Sousa side by side

World-famous model Bella Hadid appeared in front of the camera with a virtual model and took part in a commercial.

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It is stated that the virtual model Miquela Sousa, who has 3 million followers on social media, is worth 125 million dollars.

Bella Hadid from the USA starred in an unusual commercial for the Calvin Klein brand, of which she is the face.

The feature that distinguishes Hadid’s ad from the others is that she is in front of the camera with her virtual colleague Miquela Sousa. These images left their mark on the fashion world.

Because digital modeling is on its way to become the strongest player in fashion every day. The designs Miquela promotes make millions for her company.


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Miquela (@lilmiquela)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

So much so that Miquela’s value is expressed as 125 million dollars. Also, Bella Hadid has an annual income of $8.5 million.

Miquela was conceived as a 20-year-old model residing in the USA with two identities, Brazil and Spain.

The virtual model, designed by the US-based technology company Brud, reached 3 million followers in 3 years.

Many companies continue to develop virtual models and work with world-famous brands.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Miquela (@lilmiquela)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

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