Manelyk hospitalized after falling in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy

The former acashore and dance partner had rehearsed the maneuver multiple times, but they lost their coordination towards the end.

Manelyk González became popular on the Acapulco Shore reality show, but has been experimenting with other types of programming for some time, such as Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, however, impressively, it dropped spectacularly on Wednesday, December 16th.

The accident occurred before Mane’s presentation, which had to be hospitalized in an emergency, her health status is unknown at the moment, as the last thing visible on her Instagram account was a fleeting story of her walk when She arrived. at Televisa premises for rehearsal.

Hours after the crash as part of the Hoy show, Galilea Montijo expressed her concerns about the incident and spoke live with Manelyk’s dance partner Josh, explaining that they had already mastered and learned the complex maneuver very well, but it was very good. A minor mistake that caused the crash.

In the video, Josh is seen carrying Manelyk, but just as he had to put her feet behind her head, a lack of coordination caused Manelyk to no longer extend her arm to catch her, and she fell. towards the stage.

“There was a strong fall, I was terrified because I was completely on my shoulders and there was an imbalance or something, her legs crossed over my head and she went straight to the ground (the ground); legs crossed over my head and there was no more control,” said Manelyk’s dance partner, who could do nothing to stop the fall as everything was behind them.

Manelyk hospitalized after falling in las estrellas bailan en hoy

The recording captured the exact moment Mane’s head hit the ground, causing his neck to be pinched so that all of his weight fell on his shoulder. Host Galilea Montijo reported that the former landlord was rushed to hospital, but her dance partner revealed that she had a serious bruise on her head that was already starting to show.

“What worried me the most was that she stood up and I saw a lump when everyone was saying ‘Don’t get up, don’t move,'” she said. In the same program, they presented footage of Manelyk on a stretcher with his head still. Galilea Montijo was even sure that she was always conscious, but a review would rule out that possibility.

Similarly, the dancing couple reiterated that the choreography stage had already been mastered. “He healed in a short time”, “That attack was fast and sometimes I feel Mane didn’t pay attention to it either, it’s a very rude word because I’ve seen it with Potro too, so they don’t blame anything”, “We send you the best vibrations for your Healing” and “Mane will rise, it didn’t even fall on Acashore” were some of the comments that could be read.

Manelyk hospitalized after falling in las estrellas bailan en hoy

Previously, it was Luis Caballero Potro who danced with Mane in this competition. It should be noted that the presence of this ancient landlocked in the competition sparked an argument with Toñita.

“You have a lot of followers and that’s why you can win,” Toñita said. Which Mane said, “You know what? Cut them Toñita , after making a TikTok with you, what a disappointment, there are levels.

Tony Garza, on the other hand, stressed that Mane would probably have won the previous season if he hadn’t left the reality show, also defending his dance partner because, in his eyes, he hadn’t lied.

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