Manchester United make up its mind about Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United have announced that they have dropped Cristiano Ronaldo from their squad. Cristiano Ronaldo was dropped from the squad and the fans stood up.

Manchester United made a decision about Cristiano Ronaldo that stunned everyone. The decision about Ronaldo, who left the field before the end of the match in the Tottenham match, was announced on the official site of Manchester United. After the decision, Cristiano Ronaldo made a statement on the subject.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been excluded from the squad!

Cristiano Ronaldo crisis, which is one of the most important agenda topics of the world football community this season, gained a new dimension yesterday with the dismissal of Manchester United’s new coach, Eric Ten Hag, at the request. ManU legends, who spoke about leaving the reserve after a successful season in which he scored 24 goals, also evaluated what was done to Cristiano Ronaldo as unfair. Football icons such as Luis Saha and Roy Keane called Ten Hag’s plan on Ronaldo “nauseating” in order to make him feel authoritative, while Manchester United management was accused of supporting this situation.

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Manchester United have announced that Cristiano Ronaldo has been left out of the squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who wanted to leave the team at the beginning of the season, but stayed at Manchester United because no team playing in the Champions League arena, officially opened the flag of rebellion in the Tottenham match they played the other day.

The Portuguese football player, who did not reconcile with the coach Erik ten Hag, left the field and went directly to the dressing room when he could not enter the game in the last moments of the Tottenham match. Speaking on the subject after the match, the Dutch coach said, “I will deal with it tomorrow. Now we will celebrate the victory.” he said.

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Cristiano Ronaldo does not respond to many transfer allegations about the shot.

The fact that one of the most important football players in the world fell into such a situation surprised everyone.

Description of Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United’s official statement said: “Cristiano Ronaldo will not be in the squad for this Saturday’s game against Chelsea. Other than that, the whole team is focused on preparing for this game.” statements were included.

After these developments, Ronaldo’s departure from the team in January is considered certain. The 37-year-old Portuguese football player, who has played 8 games in the Premier League this season, has only scored 1 goal. Playing in 4 matches in the Europa League, Ronaldo performed 1 goal-1 assist.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who shared a post on his Instagram account after the events, used the following statements:

“As I have always done throughout my career, I tried to live and play with respect to my colleagues, opponents and coaches. This situation has not changed. I have not changed. I am the same person and professional who has played elite football for the past 20 years, and respect has always played a very important role in my decision-making.”

Statements from legendary names: What was done to Ronaldo is sickening

After leaving Juventus, Ronaldo, who had an important role in climbing the career ladder, did not break Manchester United and his coach Sir Alex Ferguson, and agreed to return for his former team in a difficult situation, and started to wear the red jersey number 7 the previous season.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who started the season with goals as expected, continued where he left off at Old Trafford. He received the award for player of the week and of the month many times.

Ronaldo, who lost a son in the same season, played at the top with 24 goals despite not being able to play in many matches. After his death, Ronaldo received great support in every stadium he went to as a legend of world football, not Manchester United.

For Ronaldo, who lost his son, support was given in all the stands, including the biggest opponents, with Old Trafford’s famous chants ‘Viva Ronaldo’ and applause.

Being identified with the Champions League, Ronaldo was hesitant to choose another club as he wanted to compete in the Champions League in the new season. While the British media wrote that he wanted to leave by giving up his receivables, Ronaldo took leave in this process.

Ronaldo, who could not attend the camp, turned into a material for Eric Ten Hag to make the star names feel his authority.

After the Manchester City match, striking statements came from two legendary names of Manchester United and football commentators Roy Keane and Luis Saha.

Keane said, “What has been done to Cristiano Ronaldo is completely sickening and ridiculous,” while describing what happened as an “operation”.

Luis Saha also said, “I think it’s disrespectful to Cristiano Ronaldo. I don’t fully agree with Erik Ten Hag’s management. I can understand why Ronaldo was upset after the Newcastle game because he’s very confident that he’ll score lately, he’s not so lucky and not having a productive season.” yes, but let’s not forget that he’s a human too.”

Ten Hag, who sent Cristiano Ronaldo, who was not in the starting 11, to warm up while the minutes were showing 40, was not included in the game. Redirected to the club in the second half, CR7 was sent back to warm up a few minutes later. However, he was called back to the cabin.

Ronaldo, who was humiliated in front of tens of thousands of fans at Old Trafford, saw that he was not taken into the game, although his right to substitution was not expired. After what happened, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave the field. Despite the fact that it was 89 minutes, the lynching of Ronaldo began in the media.

One of the people who were asked about the subject after the match was Tottenham coach Antonio Conte. “He had a Hat-Trick against us last year,” Conte said. We lost to Ronaldo, not Manchester, in that match. I admire him and his professionalism. “There are no words to describe his greatness,” he said.


While sports commentators accused Ronaldo of turning away from professionalism, who was put into a nervous breakdown step by step, social media evaluated the events as an operation and almost stood against this view.

At this point, Ten Hag, who was asked to leave the stadium after the match, almost belittled Ronaldo and said, “We are celebrating the victory right now. I will deal with it in the morning.”

After the announcement, a fuse was lit for Cristiano Ronaldo fans on social media and hundreds of thousands of shares were shared.

Among the comments received, those who wanted Ronaldo to leave Manchester United during the interim transfer period also gained a considerable place.

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