Manchester City and Cristiano Ronaldo Agree

Cristiano Ronaldo has signed with Manchester City. There is an agreement between Manchester City and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star’s arrival at the Premier is a matter of hours, as only City and Juventus need to negotiate which player will be included in the operation. The British want Sterling to be the signing player, but Juve want Gabriel Jesús.

Manchester city and cristiano ronaldo agree gmspors

According to the last minute news of the Spanish newspaper AS; Cristiano Ronaldo has reached an agreement with Manchester City on all issues. Conditions are negotiated between the clubs. The Portuguese star is expected to be in England next week.

It was rumored that Ronaldo would sign for the French team after Lionel Messi went to PSG, but his choice was different. According to the breaking news of the Spanish newspaper AS, Ronaldo reached an agreement with Manchester City on all terms.

Juventus opened the door for Ronaldo at 25 million euros. However, there is a high probability that this transfer will result in a price of 10 million euros.

It is stated that Ronaldo will go to England next week to wear the City jersey.

After it was revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo, who played in Juventus, one of the Serie A teams of Italy, wanted to end his Italian adventure, it was a matter of great curiosity where the new stop of the Portuguese football player would be. It was claimed that there would be a surprise summit between PSG and Juventus in the UEFA Champions League draw to be held in Istanbul today.

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