Malu Trevejo’s fan base is growing, net worth skyrocketing

The fan base of Cuban singer Malu Trevejo continues to grow. Malu Trevejo has managed to increase her net worth to millions of dollars through platforms like Onlyfans.

Malu Trevejo, who has been continuing her summer vacation for a long time, is both generating ideas for her new album and enjoying the sun with her bikini.

Who is Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 13 GMSPORS

María Luisa “Malu” Trevejo is a Cuban-American singer. She became famous thanks to the social video sharing application TikTok. She is also an Instagram celebrity with more than 12 million followers. The song Luna Llena, released on September 22, 2017, has passed 120 million views on youtube.

María Luisa “Malu” Trevejo (/trɛˈvɛˌhoʊ/, born October 15, 2002) is a Cuban singer. She became famous for her videos on the video sharing app

Vocalist, artist and online entertainment sensation who delivered her most memorable single, “Luna Llena,” in September 2017. The music video for the melody has been seen more than 120 million times on YouTube. Her most memorable EP Una Vez Más was delivered in 2019.

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 12 GMSPORS

She began to acquire accomplishment across online entertainment in 2015.

She has in excess of 12 million adherents on Instagram. She delivered her subsequent melody, “En Mi Mente,” in December 2017. In 2018, she and HRVY worked together on the single “Hasta Luego.”

Her genuine name is Maria Luisa Trevejo. She is from Cuba and is Latina. Her mom showed up in an Instagram live stream close by her in March 2017. She dated Danny Alfonso in 2019. She was likewise beforehand involved with Jaden Delarosa in 2018.

She and several companions teamed up on a video for that was motivated by the SiAngie Twins, Sianney Garcia and Angelise Garcia.

Malu Trevejo Net Worth

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 11 GMSPORS

María Luisa Trevejo is a Cuban-born American singer who found success online as Malu Trevejo. She initially gained fame on but is now also a popular influencer on Instagram and TikTok. She released several singles as her fame and fortune continued to rise. As of 2022, Malu Trevejo has a net worth of $2 million.

Malu Trevejo Net worth has been peaking over the past few years. She bought many goods, from luxury cars to million dollar homes. She earns 10 thousands of dollars a month not only as a singer, but also from social media. Her final net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Singer Malu Trevejo is said to have bought herself a luxury home in Miami following reports that she has sold her South Florida home previously owned by rapper Fat Joe.

Why did they bully Cuban influencer Malú Trevejo?

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 10 GMSPORS

Malú Trevejo, who is only 19 years old, is one of the most followed Cuban influencers on social networks today.

For example, her Instagram profile brings together about 11.6 million followers, while TikTok has 23.6 million followers. Its presence on OnlyFans also goes unnoticed, with over a million likes there. And all this at a young age.

Soon Malú Trevejo will celebrate the first twenty years of her life on October 15. And it will definitely make you proud of everything you have accomplished. And to overcome.

And not everything was rosy in her life story. After immigrating to Spain and spending his childhood in that country, the young influencer moved to Miami.

There, her distinctive accent became a source of laughter. So much so that Malú Trevejo admitted she was bullied and took some time to master English.

However, the young woman did not give up. On the contrary, to avoid this reality, she started posting videos where she danced showing her most sensual side.

And so he began to turn setback into victory. For example, she said in her occasional interview that she didn’t know how all of her followers started coming in. By the time she noticed it, she already had over a million followers.

In an interview with Juan Juan al medio, Malú Trevejo was asked what she would hide from Cuba, Spain and Miami. Without hesitation, the young woman replied with music, food and beaches respectively.

In 2019, the young woman returned to her hometown to surprise her grandmother. Of course, she left evidence of this trip on social networks. And there’s a video on YouTube where you can see some of the places she’s visited.

Vocalist Malu Trevejo selling South Florida home recently possessed by rapper Fat Joe

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 1 GMSPORS

Cuban vocalist and online entertainment star Malu Trevejo is selling her home in Plantation, recorded at $3.25 million.

The home, once possessed by rapper Fat Joe, is in excess of 5,000 square feet with five rooms, five restrooms and a higher up visitor suite with a kitchenette and separate entry.

The property at 1203 NW 121st Ave. incorporates a b-ball court, cinema, putting green, exercise center, steam room, pool and spa.

The posting is held by Summer Sawaya and Chad Bishop with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty.

TikTok Twerking Sensation Malú Trevejo Flips Fat Joe’s Fendi-fied Former Florida Home

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 2 GMSPORS

It was just a year prior that then only 18 years of age Cuban-conceived and Miami-based vocalist and web-based entertainment powerhouse Malú Trevejo, darling by her armies of stans as much for her extremely difficult twerking concerning her bilingual abilities to sing, happily declared to her 11.5 million Instagram supporters that she’d proceeded to get her fantasy house.

Presently, the 19 year old, who devices around in a purple Benz, has concluded it’s now time to sell her fantasy house, putting the celeb-pedigreed cushion in rural Plantation, Fla., only west of Fort Lauderdale, available at $3.25 million, precisely 1,000,000 bucks more than she paid.

P.S. Since you might have never known about Trevejo doesn’t mean she is definitely not a real mainstream society phenom. Indeed: She has 24.4 million TikTok supporters; her most memorable single (“Luna Llena”) has chalked up 122 million YouTube sees; her clearly naughty late single (“Culo Chapa”) has previously piled up more than 6.3 million perspectives; and upon the arrival of her eighteenth birthday celebration, in 2020, she made an Onlyfans page and in under seven days supposedly pulled in a few hundred thousand bucks.

Specially inherent 2009 by five-time Grammy designated rapper Fat Joe, who emptied the five-room and four-and-a-half-shower neo-Mediterranean sprawler over 10 years prior for about $1.2 million, the 5,100-square-foot home sits safely behind doors on a section of land of palm tree-spotted grounds.

Why is Malu Trevejo famous? 

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 5 GMSPORS

Before turned into the now popular application TikTok, Malu was becoming famous on the Gen Z stage. After the high schooler’s recordings began becoming a web sensation, the now-17-year-old began with an administration firm, which helped her progress into music.

“I generally wanted to move, and my fans truly preferred that of me. So my director recommended I have a go at singing, and when I saw I could get it done, I went gaga for making music,” she told PopSugar in a 2019 meeting.

In 2017, Malu delivered her presentation single “Luna Llena,” which arrived at the Top 20 on the Billboard Top Latin Songs graph. In the wake of delivering a few singles, in 2019 the youngster dropped an EP, which highlighted four bilingual melodies.

“It’s certainly another Latin sound,” Malu made sense of about her style of music. “Indeed, even in my English tracks, my Latina side is dependably present. I think my fans truly that way side since it’s genuine. I’d say it’s Latin Urban Pop.”

However she has since marked herself as something beyond a web VIP, Malu actually loves to post and keep her fans refreshed on her day to day existence. Whether she’s sharing dance recordings on TikTok or tending to bits of gossip on Instagram about her own life, Malu is continuously keeping it genuine with her supporters.

Malu Trevejo is additionally known for her virtual entertainment hamburger with Bhad Bhabie

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 3 GMSPORS

Beside her profession, Malu and individual vocalist/powerhouse Bhad Bhabie (genuine name Danielle Bregoli) have had a continuous web-based entertainment meat, which reached a crucial stage in December 2019.

On Dec. 6, Danielle went live on Instagram and requested that the vocalist come beyond her home in Miami and battle.

“Come on you moronic a-THOT! Come out the house!” she shouted. “Three years she been talking s-t about me, so I’m tryna’ run it!”

Fortunately, the two didn’t participate in an actual fight and the youngster rapper left. Following the occurrence, Malu went live via virtual entertainment and tended to what had unfolded.

“I’m distraught that I was unable to do s-t, and I’m frantic that individuals need to see two youngsters battle and cause problems and ruin their f — ing profession,” she said. “They called the police on us. I’m happy we didn’t do s-t since I would have been in prison, and she would have been in prison.”

She added, “I ain’t squeezing no charges since I’m not moronic … I won’t throw away my life on no f — ing body. I’m not going to … do anything terrible to no one.”

She Was Accused Of Racism

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 7 GMSPORS

Malu’s ascent to the top hasn’t been without debate. In April during an Instagram Live, Malu was blamed for being bigoted after she alluded to the Covid as a “Chinese infection”. She then, at that point, proceeded to say, “Please accept my apologies — making an effort not to be bigoted or anythin,g yet every time I see a Chinese individual I go ‘uhhh, don’t breath'” She recognized her remarks and released an ‘conciliatory sentiment’, however she didn’t appear to be completely mindful of the reality of her comments.

Malu Trevejo, a Cuban-conceived Spanish vocalist situated in Miami, Florida, has drawn reaction from the Asian people group in the wake of offering racially charged remarks focusing on the Chinese people group in a new Instagram livestream.

She Got Her Start On

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 8 GMSPORS

Best specialists are popular for their music and web-based entertainment is simply optional. Nonetheless, Malu’s vocation really started in the opposite request. At the point when she began posting on, she hadn’t even begun recording music yet. In any case, after her singing recordings began to build up forward momentum, she had the option to land a director and a record bargain.

She’s Really Shy

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 9 GMSPORS

Despite the fact that Malu has a great many devotees and has acted before incalculable individuals, she is as yet an exceptionally timid individual. Notwithstanding, when she gets before a mouthpiece, she changes into a renewed individual. Be that as it may, her meek character is extremely clear in her meetings.

Complicado and Malú Trevejo – Culo Chapa (feat. La Perversa, Quimico Ultra Mega & Haraca Kiko)

Complicado singer became one of the most watched songs of Malu in recent months. The number of streams of Complicado on Youtube has exceeded 21 million.

Malu Trevejo also released only one music in 2022. Malu Trevejo’s song reached 7 million streams on Youtube in 2022.

Malú Trevejo’s name has become a reference on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The Cuban-born artist, now in the role of a singer, presents us a Dembow with his song “Culo Chapa”, prepared in collaboration with La Perversa, Químico Ultra and Haraca Kiko.

Produced by Welington Esamilin Acosta Feliz, the song shows us the 19-year-old feeling twerking in a neighborhood with a few dancers.

With undeniable energy and a wonderful demeanor, Malú Trevejo has emerged as an undeniable phenomenon just as she is. She initially burst with the RIAA Latin certified platinum record “Lune Lluna” and paved the way for live shows in the US, Spain and Latin America, as well as collaborations with superstar duo Gente de Zona, Haraca Kiko and Jeon.

malu trevejo cactus jack Incident

malu trevejo travis scott 668x400 1 GMSPORS

The organization between Travis Scott and Malu Trevejo goes left over an agreement question. The artist/web-based entertainment star took to Instagram Tuesday requesting that Scott discharge her from Cactus Jack Records, while taking steps to “uncover” him on the off chance that she isn’t permitted to leave her agreement.

Malu Trevejo reported she’d marked an arrangement with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records in October, yet the organization gives off an impression of being fleeting.

The artist/web-based entertainment star took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (December 14) advising Travis Scott to let her leave the name, while taking steps to “uncover” him on the off chance that she isn’t permitted to leave her agreement.

“I wouldn’t lie about getting signed to anybody. Things just changed and that’s ok Bc tha means something bigger is waiting for me” she said.

“I don’t gotta lie ask the man himself. How many times he said he believed in me and he wanted to help me. Stop spreading lies”.

Trevejo uncovered she was heading out in different directions from the mark in November subsequent to marking on back in October, however had just beneficial comments about Travis at that point.

“I had a 2 hour discussion with him crying and embracing him he knows and he realizes I ain’t lied about anything. By the day’s end everything he said to me a great deal of times make me more sure with myself and I value the time I enjoyed with him caused me to understand a ton. It was great until it last. Still frantic love for u” she added.

Malu has released a single through Cactus Jack and Atlantic Records called “Complicado”, which has over 9,000,000 views on YouTube.

Malu Trevejo Gets Drogan Tattoo On Her Back

Malu Trevejos fan base is growing net worth skyrocketing 4 GMSPORS

Malu Trevejo Announced Her New Tattoo On Instagram Live. Fans say the new tattoo on her back looks pretty sexy. The singer has previously stated that she likes to get tattoos on her body and that she will get more done. Now she has the largest tattoo on her body. Malu had a huge dragon tattoo on her back.