Malu Trevejo lies about Ryan Garcia’s engagement

Malu Trevejo had shown evidence that Ryan Garcia had lied about her engagement.After Malu Trevejo was seen kissing Ryan Garcia last year, events have been a hot topic in social media.

Fighter Ryan Garcia was spotted kissing influencer and artist Malu Trevejo, on October 24th 2020, as revealed by Hollywood Fix.

Ryan has since reacted to the video, asserting that he didn’t undermine Andrea Celina, albeit the pair were attempting to fix their relationship.

Andrea Celina likewise said something regarding the matter, and guaranteed that Ryan doesn’t see his kids enough.

Who Is Malu Trevejo, Ryan Garcia Caught Kissing With Whom?

Ryan Trevejo is a mainstream American expert fighter who started boxing at 7 years old. Ryan has been locked in to Drea Celina who is likewise pregnant with his youngster. He was as of late discovered kissing another lady openly and its video became famous online via web-based media. The woman being referred to was Malu Trevejo and they were seen kissing outside an eatery. The both were seen clasping hands and kissing in open when somebody caught it on a video.

As indicated by a report by Monster and Critics, Ryan’s fiancee Celina responded to the video via web-based media and said that Ryan had revealed to her that he was preparing hard for his next battle. In any case, at that point, she watched the video on Instagram and came to know reality. She communicated her displeasure via online media and expressed how just 7 weeks are left till she brings forth their youngster and Ryan is simply being sickening. She additionally added on her online media what a malicious human Ryan was, as indicated by the report.

Malu Trevejo is a Cuban vocalist who lives in Los Angeles, California. Malu rose to distinction on the application, where she acquired an after because of her moving recordings.

Malu isn’t just a web character with more than 8 million Instagram supporters, however she has additionally delivered music, including her melody , Luna Llena which was delivered in 2017 through Universal Music Latin.

Malu Trevejo shows evidence that Ryan Garcia lied about being locked in

Malu Trevejo was at that point a well known web character with a huge number of supporters via online media. Be that as it may, she has become a commonly recognized name lately after she was spotted kissing Boxer Ryan Garcia.

It was in excess of an honest second, at any rate for Ryan Garcia. He is locked in to long-lasting sweetheart Drea Celine, who likewise turns out to be pregnant with their subsequent youngster. She was stunned and horrified when she discovered.

The entire circumstance searched awful for Malu Trevejo too. Nonetheless, she denied thinking about him turning into a dad and cases he stayed hush-hush about whether he was as yet seeing someone.

Sadly, that hasn’t halted individuals via online media from blaming her, guaranteeing she is a homewrecker. Presently, after a progression of enigmatic tweets and messages that insinuated her blamelessness, she’s at last dropped some confirmation.

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