Male Karen takes a stab at deboarding American Airlines plane mid-flight, starting discussion over emotional wellness

A TikTok showing a man on an American Airlines departure from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City attempting to get off of a plane mid-flight was posted Monday. The TikToker named the man a “Kevin,” or male Karen, however many are expecting he was going through some sort of emotional well-being emergency.

The traveler, 61-year-old Timothy Armstrong, was accompanied off the plane by police and was refered to with public inebriation and sloppy lead after landing, reports KUTV.

A video shared by TikTok client FunnyDenny shows a Nevada man being eliminated and captured on an American Airlines trip after he yelled at another traveler and flight team.

Cops expected to load onto the flight and capture the man, as per video film shared via online media and news reports.


God bless flight attendants and pilots for what they have to deal with. #kevin #americanairlines #lax #slc #meltdown #flightattendant #labourday

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A 61-year-old Nevada man was captured and eliminated from an American Airlines trip after he yelled at another traveler and flight group this week.

A video which was shared via online media shows the individual hollering and motioning with his hands before he begins contending with a pilot.

Addressing the Salt Lake Tribune, traveler Dennis Busch said: “He was simply shouting that they don’t have a place here, and stating that that was not her seat, but rather it was – she was there the entire time.”

“From that point onward, the airline stewards had that couple move back.”

When the flight arrived in Salt Lake City, the man was captured and helped out of the plane by cops. The man was taken to a medical clinic and police said that he was given with a criminal reference for Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct.

Dennis shared the recording from the occurrence on his TikTok account (@funnydenny).


Online media clients have shared their interests about the captured man’s psychological well-being, just as the flight team who needed to manage the occurrence.

“Emotional well-being care is seriously ailing in the US,” said one client.

“I feel for this team and all flight group and staff nowadays,” thought of one individual under FunnyDenny’s Instagram post.

“The man of honor is unwell,” another person remarked.

Another additional: “I don’t have the foggiest idea how the group kept their cool.”


American Airlines has approached with an assertion following the episode.

A representative for the carrier disclosed to The Independent: “American Airlines flight 1802 with administration from Los Angeles (LAX) to Salt Lake City (SLC) was met by law implementation upon landing in SLC because of a raucous traveler. The flight landed securely at SLC where nearby law implementation eliminated the troublesome traveler from the airplane.”

“We thank our group for their polished skill and our clients for their agreement.”

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