Madonna doesn’t see David Guetta as a boyfriend because of her zodiac sign

She rejected David Guetta because of her Madonna zodiac sign. Features Madonna wants when looking for a boyfriend

Madonna, who wanted to work with the world famous DJ David Guetta on her new album, gave up the collaboration when she learned that Guetta’s zodiac sign is scorpion. Madonna’s decision surprised many of her fans. Madonna, one of the best-known singers with her different movements and music shows, is looking for some features while choosing her boyfriend.

Explaining the meeting days, Guetta said, “I went to lunch. We talked about everything, the music, what kind of album you wanted to make … It was very nice. It was just him and I. He was very calm and cozy. We ate our food. Then what happened” he said.

“He asked me about my horoscope”

The famous DJ continued his words by saying “He asked me about my horoscope”:

I said I was a Scorpio sign. Suddenly his face changed and he said to me, “Sorry, we won’t be able to work together. It was nice to know you. Goodbye.” Madonna chooses some traits when looking for a boyfriend.

Madonna’s zodiac sign, who was born on August 16, 1958, is Leo. After Madonna presents some criteria while making boyfriends, many men try to stay away from the female singer. Madonna, which is on the agenda with different music clips, stands out with its different features.


Those born under the sign of Scorpio are passionate, assertive, determined, and excellent leaders. Scorpio hates fraudulent, jealous and skeptical situations are more than normal. Therefore, it should learn to adapt more easily to different human behaviors. People with the Scorpio sign generally display a more selective attitude.

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