Madelene Wright sells sexually explicit videos to her fans

Madelene Wright, who was fired from Charlton Athletic as a result of the occurrence of the moments of drinking while driving with the images of taking drugs from the balloon at a party she attended, but returned to the team after her apology, started to follow an extra way to increase her earnings. The beautiful athlete sells nude photos and videos for £ 33.

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Although Wright returned to the team, she became a member of a site where sexually explicit photos and videos were shared and began selling her photos and videos to earn more.

In the news in the British press, the 22-year-old football player, who has decided to use her talents outside the field, presented her obscene photos and videos to her followers for 33 pounds a month.

Madelene Wright could enter the adult film business to make money

The money adult movie stars make in the new year continues to be frequent news. Especially many women continue to explain that they enter the adult industry to live a more luxurious life. Many people started doing this business after many people selling sexually explicit videos and photos on the Internet announced that they were getting higher fees.

Madelene Wright is still in charge of this. He is aiming to get higher wages because he thinks that his earnings from the English female football player profession are low. In the years that follow, Madelene Wright will most likely become an adult movie star.

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The football player, who had a strong reaction with her images that appeared about a month ago, continues to be criticized by continuing to appear at parties despite the coronavirus.

Wright, who previously wore the Millwall jersey, was also fired from the team because of her images taken in the car and shared on social media.

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