Maddison Fox boosts her Tiktok follower base

Maddison fox boosts her tiktok follower base scaled gmspors

A tiktok user named Maddison Fox has increased the number of followers with high views and likes in recent months.

The videos she shared on Tiktok have been getting thousands of views recently. It’s like her posts where she highlights her silicone breasts have caught people’s attention.

She was on the agenda with spending thousands of dollars to look like Barbie.

Maddison fox boosts her tiktok follower base gmspors

Barbie spent $50,000 to look like

I spent $50,000 to look like Barbie, but now men treat me like a toy.

According to the news of nypost, the Tiktok phenomenon spent 50 thousand dollars to look like Barbie.

A Wisconsin lady, who has burned through $50,000 on superficial systems, claims she can’t find an accomplice since men just see her as a “toy.”

Mz. Dani, a powerhouse and model, hasn’t capitalized on her plastic looks right now, saying men simply typify her.

“My dating life is incredibly hard,” she told Jam Press. “Men view at me as a toy.”

Truth be told, the medical procedures she’s had — Botox and fillers with expectations of making her face more even — could have recently made things more troublesome.

“They see my external appearance before they get to know me and that is truly the very thing that they need from me at first,” the Barbie-esque stunner conceded. “It’s exceptionally uncommon that a man needs to get to know me for who I am.”

While she’s accumulated in excess of 102,000 supporters on Instagram since her glitz change, she hasn’t seen any payout in that frame of mind of genuine admirers — simply virtual ones.

Supporters give her commendation and praises internet, referring to her as “gorgeous,” “incredible” and “totally staggering.” But, in spite of being contrasted with the notable doll because of her light hair and jealous figure, she doesn’t name herself as a genuine clone — in spite of the fact that she concurs that Barbie is “lovely.”

Maddison fox boosts her tiktok follower base 819x1024 1 gmspors

She will continue to produce content on Tiktok with the username @maddisonfox_. She also got thousands of views on her last twerk video.

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