Maddie Durdant-Hollamby was murdered by her boyfriend

Maddie Durdant was found dead at home with Hoollamby and her boyfriend at 41 days on August 27 in England. You revealed yourself after the investigation police killed Ben’in.

Police said a couple found dead in an open murder-suicide both died of stab wounds.

The bodies of 22-year-old Maddie Durdant-Hollamby and her 41-year-old partner Benjamin Green were found in a home on Slate Drive in Kettering last Friday.

Maddie durdant hollamby was murdered by her boyfriend 2 gmspors

Maddie’s friends said that Maddie was intent on ending her relationship with her boyfriend, so she may have been killed by her boyfriend.

Maddie’s parents, on the other hand, did not approve of the relationship from the very beginning and were worried about their daughter, as she was much older than Ben’s daughters.

There were constant fights between her family and Maddie because of this situation.

Maddie’s father’s friend, Steve, stated that Maddie’s father told her that her daughter was not happy with Ben and would end her relationship with Ben.

Maddie durdant hollamby was murdered by her boyfriend 1 gmspors

Police said there was no evidence of a third person in the murder. Investigation of the case continues.

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