Macron joins TikTok post with owl t-shirt and Conspiracy theories

A flurry of conspiracy theories and Macron’s TikTok t-shirt became the agenda. Macron joined the TikTok broadcast in an owl t-shirt: Conspiracy theories flew and this video went viral.

French President Emmanuel Macron answered questions on TikTok to encourage young people to get vaccinated. He had taken off his usual gray suit and wore a black T-shirt with a picture of an owl. Macron’s shirt surpassed what he said about the vaccine.

Macron joins TikTok post with owl t shirt and Conspiracy theories 2

The T-shirt worn by French President Emmanuel Macron in a broadcast on TikTok has managed to become the focus of conspiracy theories.

Taking off his familiar suits for a question-and-answer interview on the social media platform TikTok, Macron displayed a sporty look with a black T-shirt that attracted the attention of young people.

After the broadcast, which aimed to persuade young people to get vaccinated, “mysterious clothing symbols” were spoken instead of Covid-19.

Taking off his classic white shirt, suit and tie, Macron’s shirt became the focus of conspiracy theories of those who are not used to this new image of the French President.

The Guardian said the owl on Macron’s shirt raises many questions.

A few of them were as follows: “What does the owl logo in geometric shapes mean? Did the choice of clothing have a subliminal message? Was the Elysee Palace PR team delivering a secret message to prying eyes? Was the president part of a secret gang?” Ongoing questions brought along speculation and conspiracy theories…

The first theory was that the owl in the shirt was the logo of the European bohemian movement (Belle Époque), a symbol of the anti-bourgeois culture created in California in 1872.

The second theory focused on two words translated from French into English. Hibou (hairy owl) and choutte (hairless owl) are one of them. In theories dating back to Ancient Rome, hibou is a harbinger of death, bad luck, loneliness, sadness, while Choutte, on the contrary, is associated with the Greek goddess Athena, a spiritual guide in Celtic civilization, and the term also means “super” in French.

France’s Le Figaro newspaper said the image of the French President was “friendly”, while the French Presidential Palace did not give an official response to the conspiracy theories.

The T-shirt, which became the target of conspiracy theories, started to be sold as “Macron TikTok T-shirt” for 19.99 Euros.

The Guardian wrote that “capitalism, like conspiracy theories, hates the vacuum”.

Macron joins TikTok post with owl t shirt and Conspiracy theories 1