Machine Gun Kelly Describes Their First Date with Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly made statements with Megan Fox about how they were in the Early Times. She states that they had meetings with Megan Fox, one of America’s hottest women, who were never innocent.

Machine Gun Kelly Says He Is “Very Satisfied” With Megan Fox Surviving After His “Dangerous” Early Date.

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Machine Gun Kelly’s first meeting with Girlfriend Megan Fox was not at all ordinary.

Assault rifle Kelly uncovered that his initial not many dates with Megan Fox weren’t by and large easygoing meals, and really incorporated some beautiful perilous exercises.

In a meeting with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday, the rapper — whose genuine name is Colson Baker — clarified that, for their first date, the couple scaled a gallery and ascended to a roof.

“This is our first date, and that is her descending off of a risky three-story gallery in heels,” the 31-year-old said when shown pictures of him helping her down. “I saw this rooftop, and I resembled, ‘I used to hang out there. I simply need you to come and see my reality briefly.'”

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“The door was locked, so we had to scaffold around the balcony — it was very dangerous,” he added. “I’m very glad she’s alive.”

The pair were pictured on the date in question last September after publicly confirming their romance earlier that summer. They’d met on the set of a movie in March following Megan’s separation from ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

They went swimming with sharks in Bora Bora

Yet, not substance with one shocking date, the couple at that point made things a stride further and swam with sharks in Bora Bora…without an enclosure!

While Colson depicted Megan as being “extremely on top of the earth” and a nature-sweetheart, he admitted that he’s the direct inverse, something which he attempted to survive while the pair were holiday.

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“We got in the water and I was like, ‘I’m actually comfortable in the water. This is really cool,'” he explained. “She got in the water and put her goggles on, and she was like, ‘Babe, there’s a shark right there.’ And before she finished her sentence, I was already halfway down the street. I left her in the water.”

“I’m not a nature boy yet,” he said. “The second day, we went and then I committed and I swam with sharks.”

Megan and Colson haven’t actually been timid with regards to being open about their relationship, with both freely pronouncing their affection for one another in a lot of super-extraordinary online media posts.

On Valentine’s Day, Megan posted an assortment of pictures on Instagram where she called Colson her “recovery barbie.”

“There goes my heart show outside of my body hung in the transcending outline of a most curiously attractive kid,” the inscription of the post read. “The excursion will probably be risky however there is no objective without him.”

Not to be outperformed, Colson posted a Valentine’s Day recognition of his own, noteworthy that he currently wears a drop of Megan’s blood in a neckband.

In the meeting with Ellen, he clarified that she had given him the jewelry toward the start of their relationship when she needed to disappear for work. He said: “A few group give a tissue to their accomplice — she gave me her DNA.”

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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s Second Date Was Swimming with Sharks in Bora Bora VIDEO

Assault rifle Kelly opened up about his first date with sweetheart Megan Fox, which included climbing a hazardous, three-story gallery, just as their subsequent date – swimming with sharks in Bora! In addition, the rapper discussed his enthusiastic “Saturday Night Live” execution that didn’t go precisely as arranged.

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