Lush Botanist, who has left her profession for years, earns thousands of dollars by selling her videos of gas

The Green Botanist, who has left her profession for years, earns thousands of dollars by selling gas videos.

You have come across interesting professions in many parts of the world. But Lush Botanist’s profession went beyond these oddities. Saying that she had a regular job for years, Botanist made a radical decision and changed her profession. Botanist, who sells her videos of gas, earns 25 thousand dollars a month.

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Many people pass gas during the day. In addition to being normal, this is a behavior that is considered shameful when done in social areas. However, Botanist shoots and shares videos that break these social norms and incite them. Moreover, she earns thousands of dollars by selling these videos.

Botanist, who was a guest on various television programs in her country, became famous thanks to the videos she shot on social media. She demands large sums in return for the famous name who stepped on the gas in the videos she shot. Although her earnings vary according to the fees they offer, Botanist explains her monthly earnings as 25 thousand dollars.

Botanist said that she received great attention from people on social media and said, “I have been doing this job for 3 years and I continue to receive requests. People pay me for it. I do it too.”

Stating that it is sometimes difficult to constantly remove gas, Botanist found an easy way to this situation. The lactose-sensitive pheno admitted that the tiniest dairy product she ate caused her gas problems. Botanist prefers to eat cheese before shooting her videos.

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