Lu Duarte, the phenomenon who spent thousands of dollars on hair color

Social media phenomenon Lu Duarte, who wants her hair color to be sexy, has spent a fortune on wigs.

Lu Duarte, who has 980,000 followers on Instagram and won the Mis BumBum contest in 2020, has a very interesting collection. The phenomenon, who thinks that hair color is an indicator of beauty and attractiveness, spent 60 thousand dollars on wigs to find the appropriate tone.

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Lucene Duarte Spent a Fortune on Hair Color

After winning the Miss BumBum contest held in Brazil in 2020, Lu Duarte became a social media phenomenon. Duarte, who defines herself as a world-class traveller, mostly shares her luxury travels on her social media accounts. Another distinctive feature of Duarte is known as her wig collection. The wig collection, which is worth a luxury car of the latest model, has many colors in yellow, brown, black and red tones.

Expressing that hair color reveals all beauty patterns, Duarte said, “Hair colors are strong for intimacy. “I think a hair color can affect a lot of things,” she said.

Alongside her wealthy collection of wigs, Duarte poses for magazines using colored hair extensions and false hair. Duarte’s followers, on the other hand, say that red color suits her the most among her wigs.

Lucene Duarte is a phenomenon with close to 1 million followers on Instagram. Duarte, who has a great source of income with the content she shares on social media, spends the money she earns on her beauty.

She is on Instagram with the username @luceneduarte and has become quite popular.

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