Loving photos of Brazilian football player Hulk with the niece of his ex-wife

Brazilian soccer player Hulk poses for lip-on-lip with the niece of his ex-wife

Brazilian striker Hulk, who is in love with his ex-wife’s nephew, shared his lip-to-lip pose with his beloved Camila Angelo from his social media account. The love between Brazilian soccer player Hulk and Camila Angelo, the niece of his ex-wife, continues at full speed.

The 34-year-old striker, who announced their relationship to friends and enemies, shares the love poses he gave with his new wife through his personal social media account. It was the agenda that Hulk ex-wife started to have love with her nephew. Hulk is in a new relationship with his ex-wife’s nephew.


Hulk recently presented the lip-lip pose with his wife Camila Angelo on Instagram to his followers. While the Brazilian football player did not neglect to write the note “On the street, in the rain, on a farm or in a thatched house”, this photo received thousands of likes.


Hulk, who divorced his ex-wife Iran Souza in 2019, began to have a love affair with Souza’s nephew, Camila Angelo, shortly after the divorce. The two, who are on the agenda in the magazine world with their relationship, entered the world house this year.
Hulk’s marriage to his new wife took place this year. The Brazilian football player has the success of being one of the most paid footballers.

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