Love Island teases dramatic double bombshell with two hot new girls preparing to enter the villa

The show picks up dramatically on the second night of the series, and singles risk a brutal dump as two new bombshells prepare to make their debut at the villa.

Love Island is poised to explode further as two new bombs enter the villa.

The two singles will join the existing group of Islanders to shake things up at the villa and find love.

However, with the arrival of two new warm-blooded babies, that could mean the two Islanders face the dreaded dump – leaving them out in the cold while the other couples enjoy the summer sun.

Will the two recruits be able to turn the heads of the present Islanders, or will they be left in the cold?

Only time will tell!

Love island teases dramatic double bombshell with two hot new girls preparing to enter the villa

Love Island is set to invite two new sensations into the manor.

This evening’s episode saw Will lose his accomplice Olivia to the hsow’s most memorable sensation, proficient footballer, Tom.

Be that as it may, as the show was attracting to a nearby, watchers were blessed to receive a sneak review of two new cuties set to enter the manor tomorrow.

During the last scenes of Tuesday’s episode, Tom was entrusted with picking the young lady he needs to couple up with – in spite of the multitude of young ladies previously being in a couple.

The Islanders got a text saying they expected to accumulate around the fire pit to hear Tom’s choice – leaving one kid defenseless.

The clasp then, at that point, slice to two separate shots of two new sensations – a blonde young lady and a brunette young lady – who will join the estate tomorrow.

The personality of the new stunners are yet to be uncovered, however causing a remarkable mix in the villa is certain.

Will was left destroyed as the footballer hunk picked his accomplice Olivia.

Will then, at that point, got a message saying there will be a recopling at the ened of the week and the individual let standing be will be sent home.

However, much to his dismay the appearance of two stunners were inescapable, as Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown and David Salako advance into the manor.

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