Love Island contestant Millie Court is on the agenda with a chest band

Love Island contestant Millie was on the agenda with a chest band. Millie Court, who marked the Love Island final, gave a free kick in the live broadcast. The famous contestant must have thought about it, because she took the chest band precaution. Those moments were on the agenda of the fans of the competition.

The finale of the Love Island competition was as exciting as what happened during the competition. In the competition, which pushed the limits of obscenity, during the entire program, some had sexual intercourse under the covers, some realized their fantasies, some found love and moved on to a career in the next stage.

The winner of the competition, Millie Court, did almost all of it. Millie has been known for her assertive outfits all season long as she has made it clear that she is focusing on her fashion career. For this reason, the famous competitor pays attention to various tricks, taking into account the free kicks that may occur.

Love Island contestant Millie Court is on the agenda with a chest band 2

Finally, Millie, whose chest was opened while kissing with her partner on live broadcast, became the agenda when she took the precaution. Although Millie did not prefer a bra, she became close friends with the chest band.

When Millie Court became the agenda with her free kick, the fans of the contest poured comments on Twitter. Everyone said they wanted to know what Millie’s chest band was. Fans have now poured comments on the contestant to find out the details of this measure and the brand of the chest strap.

Love Island contestant Millie Court is on the agenda with a chest band 1

Reactions are pouring in from Love Island viewers! They didn’t censor the competitor’s chest

Love Island, the contest of scandals, was the event again. In the last episode of Love Island, a woman’s bare breasts accidentally appeared on the screen. Love Island viewers were shocked by this situation.

Love Island, the UK’s popular dating program, is known for pushing the boundaries. In the program, where the limits are pushed despite the cameras, some moments are censored, and some moments are cut because they are too obscene.

However, this time in the competition, there was an event that the production team did not pay attention to. In the last episode of Love Island, a contestant’s breasts were displayed naked.

Love Island followers were shocked by this event and made “No more” comments on social media. The fact that this state of the contestant, whose breasts were revealed by the slipping of the towel, was not censored, drew a reaction.

Audiences responded to this mistake, “So, uh, no one’s going to mention the exact on-camera meme that the producers overlooked?” she reacted.