Lola Weippert says her breasts shrunk after “Let’s Dance”

Lola Weippert shared in her Instagram story that her breasts got smaller after “Let’s Dance”. Lola Weippert is having breast problems after “Let’s Dance”.

Lola Weippert has breast problems after “Let’s Dance”

Lola Weippert says her breasts shrunk after Lets Dance 2

Host Lola Weippert had to endure harsh jury criticism for “Let’s Dance” last Friday. Accordingly, the rating was bad. After all, the audience calls were not enough anymore, the dance show for them was over. But after “Let’s Dance,” TVNow fame is still struggling.

Now Lola revealed on her Instagram that she lost a few pounds during the show. A side effect that almost all participants are familiar with. But with it, weight loss mainly affected a specific area of ​​the body.

In the Insta story, Lola now showed herself in a bikini and revealed surprisingly:

“I really lost a lot of weight with Let’s Dance – especially on my breasts. It’s really shrunken.”

Lola Weippert’s breasts shrunk

Lola Weippert says her breasts shrunk after Lets Dance 1

She once had an e-coupe, she explained, and now it’s just a 70C. “This is embarrassing,” she finished. But essentially her argument is not the smaller cup, as she puts it: “Everybody knows what happens when breasts shrink. It never looks that pretty,” he laughs.

The reactions to her story were of course swift, and not all of them were positive. One follower hinted that she meant that small breasts don’t usually look pretty. However, as the moderator emphasized, this was not mentioned. Her only concern was that his breasts were now sagging more.

“There are those who want to do everything wrong,” Lola says later. This is also an issue with social media. Everyone has an opinion about everything and thinks it is important. Fortunately, Lola Weippert says negative reactions are rare on her Instagram account.