Loki Revealed He’s Bisexual, So What Is Bisexual?

Marvel Character Loki Confirmed To Be A Bisexual Character In The Last Episode Of The Series.

It has been revealed that the main character Loki in the Loki series, which brings its new episodes together with fans on Wednesdays, is bisexual. We can say that the clues offered by the real series, which emerged only three episodes later, are placed quite nicely. Let me state from the beginning that the article contains a lot of spoilers.

Loki Revealed Hes Bisexual So What Is GMSPORS

The sexuality event, which came out after 3 episodes of the Loki series, which is very loved by Marvel fans, was announced after the final. When we look at the feedback from the fans, we can see that the comments shared by the critics are correct. It would not be a lie if we say that this fan base, which also has ties to Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, waits late at night in different parts of the world or wakes up early in the morning for this series.

Fans who love the series in front of us are not content with what is presented to them and try to go beyond what is shown. In this context, it seems that Loki, the main character of the series, will appear first. For those who know Loki, information has emerged that will not surprise the audience who dominates the Marvel universe through comics, and will complete the character with this series. Clever clues to the series point to Loki being bisexual.

It can be seen from the papers in the first chapter that Loki is ‘genderfluid’

Loki Revealed Hes Bisexual So What Is GMSPORS

We can see that he is genderfluid in the papers in the first part of Loki that contain his information. This, also known as ‘non-binary’, includes individuals who have a sexual identity outside of the binary gender classification.

Then we move on to the third part of the series. Here the conversation between Sylvie and Loki offers us powerful clues on this subject. When Sylvie mentions to Loki that he is a prince, and hence his possible relationship with princesses or perhaps a prince, Loki replies, “A bit of both” and doubts Sylvie is in the same situation.

As we said above, those who dominate the Marvel universe thanks to comics will not be surprised by this situation. Al Ewing, author of Loki: Agent of Asgard, confirmed that Loki is bisexual, adding that he can change gender from time to time.

It may not sound like such important information, but the main point to emphasize here is that the identity of Loki, who is already known to be bisexual in the Marvel universe, is fully reflected on the screens. You can share your ideas about the series with us in the comments section.

What is bisexual?

Bisexuality or bisexuality, romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior regardless of gender, or romantic or sexual attraction to persons of any gender or gender identity.

People who are attracted to the opposite sex are defined as heterosexual and they are in the majority. Bisexual is defined as a person who is not included in these two categories, who is sexually attracted to people of both sexes at certain periods of their life or who has the potential to have an emotional relationship.

What does bisexual mean: Bisexuality is the potential to be sexually attracted to people of both sexes and to have an emotional or sexual relationship with them. A bisexual person can be with both a man and a woman.

People who do not feel sexual attraction are called asexual. Asexuals may find others aesthetically attractive, but lack sexual desire for them. If you don’t feel sexually attracted to any gender, you’re probably asexual.