Logic Errors Preventing Squid Game from being the best

Logic Errors That Prevent Squid Game From Being A Legend Are Expressed By Fans. While it was expected to be the most successful production in Netflix, the logic errors that emerged caused Squid Game’s scores to drop a little.

There are many logic errors that almost every viewer can notice in Squid Game, which has become one of the most popular productions of Netflix in a short time. Here are some of them.

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How do our police infiltrate an organization with such strict security measures? with vehicle tracking first. The vehicle goes to the ship in a deserted place, but for some reason, the vehicle behind is not noticed on the road to that ship at night. let’s say okay here. The scene ended when the police entered the ship, and then I watched the series for me, just to let it end.

the man gets under the car, no one sees; It comes out from under the car and gets into it, no one sees it. fights and neutralizes the driver inside; no one sees or hears. He takes the body out of the vehicle and throws it into the sea, no one sees it. infiltrates the organization; it is not clear what to do, its job is not clear etc. but it can continue its existence inside without any problem. His phone’s battery never runs out, he takes pictures and records videos for days.

When the contestants with certain faces return, a barcode check is made, but there is no check for the employees. The contestant can sneak in, but the employee cannot. so it means they’re comfortable.

Logic errors preventing squid game from being the best 2 gmspors

How does the organ leak team do it? Those who choose red in the ddakji game in the cast are law enforcement, but they live under full surveillance, just like the players. How did they organize, how did they find a way out, how did they get along with the doctor (let’s say they met outside acquaintances there), how did they establish an intermediate system, how did they communicate? people to sell their organs etc.

These are the questions that remain in the air. because when the administrator pressed, we realized that the administrator is not aware of such a process. This is a hidden installation. Let’s skip all this; Doesn’t the manager say how did he not see you, cameras etc. everywhere. Doesn’t the man who runs everything in an OCD-like pattern care about such a vulnerability?

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Stabbed in the hip, spleen, and middle in the last game (in and out on the other), gi-hun didn’t even stumble, but sang-woo was bitten in the foot. Do not stand up.

Our bad woman sister is throwing herself from the Sirat Bridge with our bad brother brother. which means that the woman who did this is an older sister who will do anything to avoid dying there, so this suicide didn’t happen a bit.

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Our leading man has been living miserably hungry for 1 year with billions of lira deposited into his account. Come on, it doesn’t hurt your pride and the finances never call, so that’s good. Who wins the 9 digit coin and it boils down in one go.

Logic errors preventing squid game from being the best 1 gmspors

It turns out the front man, the brother of the policeman. We know that the winner of the 2015 squid game is the brother of the policeman. Why does this man who has saved so much money in the world live in a civilian room of 2 square meters? Can’t he stand up and protect himself by lying to his brother for a week if he’s the manager of the competition?

Uncle, okay, we understand that what you’ve been going through makes you tired a lot… Your friend’s mother was active, the other girl’s older sister was living in the dormitory, your own daughter didn’t see you. To rekindle your faith in life and humanity, did you have to witness a man other than a drunk lying on the road? No, the guy says, “I’m going to kill you” or something.

A Netflix Series That Makes They Question, Tolerates Their Shortcomings: Squid Game

Mysterious invitations are sent to 456 people from all walks of life, who are deeply in debt and can do anything for money, to play some games with the promise of big wins. The 456 participants who accept the invitation are taken to an unknown island where they will play games to win 45.6 billion won. they will play six games in six days, and these games are Korea’s traditional children’s games.

These deadly games where the loser dies are like an experimental field to explore the abysses within the human species. A world based entirely on the world of children has been established on the island, and what people choose and do not do, what they do or do not do with the instinct of survival is exploited by those who construct this fictional reality.

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When looking at the nine-episode series within the framework of logic, there may be enough logic errors or nonsense to turn the series into rags. however, despite all its shortcomings, it can be watched even because it makes you feel only in the 6th episode, a few lines can be written about it. It should not be said whether wisdom can be extracted from serials such as chickpeas, because when the subtexts are examined, it will be seen that the series has a certain philosophy and purpose.

We can say that the show basically makes the viewer ask two questions: “Can money buy happiness?” and “Is humanity dead?”

In fact, the show itself answers the first question: “The rich and the very poor have in common: living is a burden for both.” For the first, life is a burden, because he has done everything possible, because of the emptiness he fell into, for the other a burden because what he can do and desire remains in his eyes.

What is the subject of squid game when will squid game season 2 be released 2 gmspors

The series cannot answer the second question with the same clarity. Although he has a pessimistic view of people in general, he wants to believe that the light of hope is not completely extinguished.
It points to the loss of the values ​​experienced by capitalism, in other words, modern urban life, which is the product of the spirit of the time.
In the series, attention is drawn to the dark areas and abysses of people who are not noticed while living a routine life.

In every game played, the following questions come to mind: What can be given up to survive? How useful will the moral values ​​that enable us to stay human be in conditions where fear crosses mountains? How much will the material benefits obtained by giving up the moral and conscientious values ​​that make people human will benefit people in the rest of their lives, how much peace and happiness will they bring?

In a sick culture where money is centralized and can buy everything, all human virtues can be given up in order to reach money, and values ​​that will make people strong can easily be given up. At a time when the whole world community unanimously stated that the sole purpose of man and society is an economic goal, the values ​​and virtues in question will be seen as the legendary qualities of the past…

Many movies or TV series with the theme of “deadly games” are made and attract a lot of attention. however, such productions stand out with their actions, death types and the tension they bring to life. they have no purpose of questioning or thinking. I think the thing that made this series watchable was that it was successful. In that respect, it reminded me of Gela Babluani’s wonderful 2006 thriller 13 Tzameti and Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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