Lizzo and Cardi B Release Their New Music On Youtube

The reports are valid: Lizzo is back, and she’s brought another companion curious to see what happens.

The new Grammy victor, who has taken a rest from music since her breakout year in 2019, just dropped her new single, “Tales,” highlighting Cardi B, alongside an ethereal, old Greece–roused video.

Lizzo and Cardi B Release Their New Music On Youtube GMSPORS

Lizzo previously declared the cooperation before this week by means of an Instagram video in which she conveys a reminder to an obviously confounded Cardi B.

From that point forward, the craftsmen had a good time going to and fro, telling wisecracks with one another and consistently carrying out the single’s cover workmanship just as a short clasp of its fanciful visuals.

What Are Lizzo and Cardi B Saying?

Having won three Grammys with her latest album Cuz I Love You, Lizzo broke her two-year silence with a song that will be talked about a lot. “Rumors” is a Cardi B duet and the duo are coming to terms with the rumors people are making about them.

Lizzo at the opening of the song; Being mindful of what she posts on social media is reminiscent of what has been said to have negative effects on Black culture and “big girls”. Then he opens his mouth, closes his eyes. She also talks about how the past year has been tough for her, and that the rumors about her dating Drake aren’t true. While leaving the floor to Cardi B, she said, “You’re wasting all your time trying to bring down a woman. Look around you baby, more real things are happening,” says Lizzo. Cardi B’s agenda is also fluffy. He talks about the fake news about her. In fact, their songs are not listened to; For example, the claims that the producers bought streams…

In the music video shot by Tanu Muino for “Rumors”, we see the duo as goddesses. Pay attention to the animated wall paintings as well as the choreographies of Lizzo and Cardi B in the clip, where the ancient Greek breezes are felt!

Every one of the bits of hearsay are valid: Lizzo has gotten back with a bop. “Bits of gossip” works a natural equation into a sweet, profound bass synth and victorious horns as Lizzo clears haters cheerfully: “On the off chance that you imagined that I was ratchet with my butt hangin’ out/Just delay until the mid year when they let me out the house, bitch.” Fresh off Normani’s “Wild Side,” Cardi B hoists “Tales” with gnawing mind and unbothered impudence.