Deep cleavage pose by fitness phenomenon Lisa Del Piero

She left men for sex toys! Fitness phenomenon Lisa Del Piero proved her fit physique to her fans with her deep low-cut poses.

Fitness phenomenon Lisa Del Piero, who removed men from her private life, surprised those who heard it with her sexual intercourse confessions. Saying that she is not happy with men, Lisa Del Piero attracts great attention on social media with her bold poses.

The 25-year-old phenomenon attracts attention with her assertive social media poses. Expressing that she does not want a boyfriend and does not have a marriage plan, the phenomenon stated that her greatest pleasure is doing sports. Lisa Del Piero has recently come to the fore with her low-cut poses.

Thousands of likes came to Lisa Del Piero’s low-cut pose.

She has more than 900 thousand followers on social media.

Surprised by her confession of sexual intercourse, the model said, “I can’t connect my happiness to anyone else.” and said, “I love myself very much and I can be happy alone. I spend most of my time listening to myself and doing sports. I am aware of what I want. I know that I am more important than anything else.”

The phenomenon, which said that she did not trust men, stated that she preferred toys with sexual content instead.

Fitness phenomenon Lisa Del Piero has said she doesn’t trust men and prefers sex toys instead. Moreover, she added that she left men for sex toys. The model, which has been talked about for a while with her explanations, has dusted Instagram with her poses.

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