Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer

With the month of June, the lipstick types among the most popular summer trends of 2022 became clear. From many famous names to Tiktok users, we have prepared our list of Trend lipsticks of June 2022 for you.

With the arrival of June and all its trends, we can’t wait to bring you the new lipsticks of the season that will beautify all your looks. From the H. team, we offer you the must-have lipsticks of this summer, suitable for all tastes, from red to nude, matte, glossy, glossy or translucent formats.

Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 9 gmspors

This lipstick was created in 1971 which means it is over 50 years old and is now experiencing tremendous success thanks to TikTok. Users of the generation Z favorite platform have shared the product more than 50 million times, and this is because, despite its ultra-dark shade, the lipstick increases the shade of each mouth with a single layer, and the number increases. , the tone intensifies with a gorgeous finish.

Fenty Beauty ICON Lipstick

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 10 gmspors

Fenty Icon Refillable Lipstick is the new beauty must-have this season. It should consist of 10 highly pigmented shades, three reds and seven neutrals, and Rihanna’s signature vanilla and peach fragrance. It also contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for filling and hydration, and vitamins C and E to nourish lips.

Nars Lipstick Orgasm Collection

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 11 gmspors

This summer, the brand Nars launched a collection inspired by the iconic Orgasm shade that flatters all lip tones. Awaken all your senses with a peachy pink color that changes everything. Now you can enjoy the new Lipstick range of lipsticks, consisting of 60 colors in matte, satin and translucent finishes. It instantly delivers vibrant color and nourishes lips with an extremely lightweight feel.

Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Fullness

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 8 gmspors

Have XXL voluminous lips with Too Faced Maximum Full Shine. This gloss has been the subject of numerous videos on the net, where those who try it witness their lips plumping up within minutes. They warn from the brand that the initially noticeable tingling sensation is completely normal, in fact proof that the effect of maximum padding technology works.

Dolce & Gabbana Sheerlips

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 3 gmspors

The magical formula of the new lipsticks of the Italian house contains Dolce and Gabbana Mediterranean Glow Complex, which has extraordinary nourishing and protective properties. Each of the four colors that make up the collection is inspired by a flower: Lovely Tulip, a deep pink representing tulips; Sweet Lily is a light lily pink; Spring Peony is a fuchsia pink as strong as a peony; and finally Sunflower’s perfect coral takes shape in Joyful Sunflower.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Pillow Talk Lip Kit

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 2 gmspors

Those who try and don’t expect it because Pillow Talk is a perfect nude that gives a fuller lip look, especially when the primer is combined with a matte finish lipstick, they are the duo that started a unique success story. . The good news is that for a limited time, both items are available in a mini-size bag that’s perfect for summer getaways.

Chanel Rouge Allure L’Extrait

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 4 gmspors

It is colourful, light and hydrating, in addition to its sustainable rechargeable format. This Gabrielle Chanel signature launch is due to a blend of oil-washed ultra-fine pigment extract that reveals lasting intensity, a combination of powders and a botanical oil renowned for its light-reflecting action, and ume flower extract and botanical-based care. waxes that provide all-day comfort.

NYX Lipstick Suede Matte

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 5 gmspors

Looking for the ideal vegan lipstick? This one from NYX does not disappoint. With a ‘cruelty-free’ formulation, matte finish, full coverage and long lasting… You can ask for a little more. This super soft and lightweight lipstick has a creamy texture that coats your lips with powdery color. Get an incredible look by combining them with their inspired lipstick Suede Matte Lip Liner. If you have already found the creamy texture of the pencils irresistible, get ready to try the formula of these lipsticks.

Maybelline New York Vinyl Ink

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 6 gmspors

Maybelline’s innovation is a long-wearing liquid lipstick with a finish as reflective as vinyl that doesn’t move or transfer for up to 16 hours. If you like matte, it is indispensable this season to minimize touch-ups with the safety of perfect makeup all the time. New York brand’s new object of desire is available in nude, pink, coral, red, garnet colors… A perfect and highly pigmented variety that provides intense saturation in one swipe.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Dip Clip

Lipsticks that will be the trend of 2022 this summer 7 gmspors

The universally flattering lip gloss is a must-have accessory that you no longer have to worry about losing, so feel free. Nourishing borage oil, shea butter and mango seed oil instantly make lips look fuller, smoother and more well-groomed with a single application. Its packaging makes it perfect for summer and it comes with a hook which makes it portable.

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