Lip to lip with another woman on Tiktok with her boyfriend

A hoax was revealed in the video shared on Tiktok, lip to lip with another woman at the place where he went with his girlfriend.

A video posted on Tiktok shocked the audience. The video, which shows the moments when a young man, who is supposed to go to a place to have fun with his lover, kisses another young woman who is apparently attending a bachelorette party and is caught with his lover, the video went viral in a short time, splitting the social media in two and creating a great controversy.

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“Rule 1: Never cheat. Rule 2: If you’re going to do this, don’t do it while your girlfriend is in the same room as you.” In the video shared with the description, a young man was seen kissing a young woman in the crowd. However, when another woman came to them in anger, it turned out that the person with whom he had come to the venue was not the young woman he was kissing.

Girls scream in Tiktok video

Lip to lip with another woman on tiktok with her boyfriend
Lip to lip with another woman on Tiktok with her boyfriend

While the young woman was shouting something and walking away, her lover only turned away from the woman he was kissing in an embarrassed way. The young woman, who looked like she was at a bachelorette party, turned to her friends who were filming what was going on at the time, and made gestures that implied that winning with her hands turned into a loss. The crowd was screaming and laughing in surprise over the incident.

Reacting to the clip, which seems to have been shot in America, TikTok users flocked to the comments to express their views on the event. Many users were angry that the young woman turned to her friends and laughed after the incident and explained that it was not a funny experience at all. Another group argued that the main culprit in this case was the young man because he had a girlfriend. A user, on the other hand, pointed out that the young man did not even go a step after his lover.

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