Lil Nas X criticized for his stupid shoe design

Rapper Lil Nas X is still criticized for defending himself for criticism after the shoes he designed.The world-famous rapper designed sports shoes with human blood in it, he played around.

Rapper Lil Nas X, along with an art collective called MSCHF, released Satan Shoes, which has a drop of human blood on it. While shoes with real human blood continue to cause reactions on social media, the Governor of South Dakota also declared war on the rapper.

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According to the news in Haber Global, the sneakers, the joint design of rapper Lil Nas X and the collective named MSCHF, were designed on a model of Nike. While Nike explained that it had no connection, it was stated that the red and black shoes had red paint and a drop of human blood on them.

“We love to sacrifice for the arts,” said MSCHF spokesperson, explaining that the blood in the shoes was given by members of the art collective.

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MSCHF has also confirmed that Nike has no cooperation in shoes. 666 pairs of sneakers sold for $ 1018. It contains a verse from the Bible and “a drop of human blood” placed in an air bubble in the sole of the shoe.

Models released as “Devil’s Shoes” soon drew reaction on social media. Rapper Lil Nas X shared a video titled “Lil Nas X Apologizes For The Devil’s Shoes” from her YouTube account. The video, which started with an apology, passed to the rapper’s new clip, Montero, within seconds. In the clip, rapper Lil Nas X was seen dancing with a devil figure.

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The statements that have poured gas into the controversy about sneakers came from South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem. Noem, who declared war against the rapper, shared his Twitter account with quotations from the Bible.

“Our children are told that this product is not only good, but also special. But do you know what is special? Spirit granted by God … We are at war for the souls of our nation, we must fight hard and wisely. We have to win.” The response from rapper Lil Nas X was quick. Quoting the governor’s post, he replied, “You are the government and you’re tweeting about a stupid shoe here, do your job.”

Twitter wars continued to grow, and Governor Noem again replied with a biblical verse: “What good is it that he loses his soul, although he has won the whole world?” This time the rapper replied to the Governor with a quote from his latest song Montero: “Hit a kid in the mouth while I stroll”

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