Ligue 1 is France’s top football league. Along with Ligue 2 at a lower level, Ligue is one of the two leagues in Football Professionnel. The players with the highest net worth in Ligue 1 are in the PSG Team.

With the latest update, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Marquinhos became the players with the highest Net Worth among PSG Players.

Ligue 1 Most Valuable Footballer Top 3

Among the teams in Ligue 1, PSG was the most expensive team. The football club, whose net worth is rapidly rising, was announced in the top 3 most valuable footballers in PSG.

French football player Kylian Mbappé is among the most valuable young footballers. Mbappe managed to be the most valuable player in the French football league. The current market value is rising after the young football player whose net worth is rising rapidly.

Kylian Mbappe, Ligue 1 Most Valuable Footballer:

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Ligue 1 Player Net Worth Changed – Most Valuable Footballers

Kylian Mbappe became Ligue 1 most valuable footballer. Mbappe became the new most valuable french footballer after the Brazilian football player Neymar came down from the throne. Kylian Mbappe Net worth is now 180 Million €.

Ligue 1 Neymar Net Worth:

Neymar is one of the most popular and talented footballers in the PSG Team. The Brazilian football player has fallen to the position of two most valuable players in the French football league. Neymar, who joined the French football team PSG with a record transfer fee, has now changed his net worth. Net worth in Neymar Football market: 128 Million €

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Ligue 1 PSG Team Captain Marquinhos

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Marquinhos or real name Marcos Aoás Corrêa is a Brazilian footballer who plays for PSG. Marquinhos has both Brazilian and Portuguese nationality. The player, who plays in the defensive position, also serves in the Brazilian national mix.

PSG Team captain Marquinhos Net worth is growing rapidly. Brazilian defender Marquinhos Net worth: € 70 Million.