Libero De Rienzo died today, Rienzo’s funeral is today

The funeral of Libero De Rienzo will be celebrated today, 22 July 2021, at 15:00, in the cemetery church of Paternopoli (Avellino). Found dead at his home in Rome on July 16 at the age of 44, the actor will be buried with his maternal and paternal grandparents in the family church: who Picchio was, his talent and great humanity led him to enter people’s hearts “

Libero De Rienzo’s funeral is today

Libero de rienzo died today rienzos funeral is today gmspors

Libero De Rienzo’s funeral today: “They won’t be specifically to celebrate his humanity”

Libero De Rienzo’s funeral will be famous today 22 July 2021 at 3.00 pm in the church of the cemetery of Paternopoli (Avellino). The actor , who was found dead at the age of 44 in his home in Rome on July 16 , will be buried in the family church with his mother and grandfather . His mother, Pupa Rondinella, died from an illness when he was just two years old, and his father, Fiore De Rienzo, saw Who? give ground.

Picchio, as his family and later friends call him, will not hold a private funeral, as the family’s lawyer explains: he celebrates his talent and the great humanity that has made it enter people’s hearts”.

As Paternopoli mayor Salvatore Cogliano put it in an interview with Primativvu Campania broadcaster, everything will be “in full compliance with anti-Kovid rules”. close emotional bond with the native Paternopoli of Fiore De Rienzo. “Now his remains will rest next to his mother in the Irpinia hills, where you can see the sea,” a cousin of the Libero told

Libero De Rienzo Investigations, autopsy and toxicological tests

Investigations into the death of Libero De Rienzo are ongoing, the player’s body has been autopsied, but it will take at least fifteen days to receive the results of the toxicological tests. Meanwhile, lawyer Piergiorgio Assumma, a trusted lawyer and family friend, spoke on behalf of his relatives with an explicit request to respect the young artist’s early death: “A news leak. At the humanitarian level, legally representing the contents of the investigative documents, not just in terms of privacy, it is also based on information that should be within the scope of confidentiality of the investigation in terms of two codes, criminal and criminal procedure, full violation “.

Libero De Rienzo, cousin: “The melancholy in your mother’s eyes is never known”

Libero De Rienzo’s cousin, journalist Mariagiovanna Capone, writes about him in a memoir published in the weekly Oggi, recalling the early death of the actor’s mother, Pupa Rondinella, who died of an illness when she was just two years old. An important event for family relations and the life of the actor.

Pupa Rondinella, mother of Libero De Rienzo

The final farewell to the actor, who was found dead at his home in Rome on July 16 at the age of 44, will be buried in the family chapel with his paternal grandfather and mother, Pupa Rondinella, a gorgeous model married to journalist Fiore De Rienzo. , disappeared when the actress was only two years old. According to De Rienzo’s cousin, a woman who didn’t even know the journalist Mariagiovanna Capone in a personal memoir published in the weekly Oggi said: “Aunt Pupa fell ill. The sentence was tragic. The last time I saw her in a hospital bed, Uncle Fiore is looking out the window from behind. And since he couldn’t talk anymore, he could only smile at me.”

As is often the case in cases of severe grief, something that tends to diminish family relationships, just as between herself and her cousin who never saw each other again, before they met again years later, when she was already a journalist and he was a journalist. She wanted to interview him for the victory of David di Donatello for Santa Maradona: “I only finally confessed our blood ties to him because he hated interviews […] I told him memories of his mother, like Alain Delon’s relentless flirtation at an event. I saw that scene.” “Maria Giovanna Capone concludes by imagining that the absence of her mother was one of the determining factors in the life of the actor:

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