Tiktok Star attracted attention with her big belly, now Liana Jade has reached her happy ending

Tiktok star Liana Jade attracted attention with her big belly. It was a matter of curiosity how many children Liana Jade would give birth to, who told her fans that she was pregnant. Fans jokingly commented that there are at least 4 babies inside her huge belly.

Tiktok star Liana Jade Brooker finally gave birth and shared the happiness of bringing her baby into the world with her husband.

Tiktok star attracted attention with her big belly now liana jade has reached her happy ending 1 gmspors

Welsh TikTok star whose singing, moving and wellness recordings have amassed her 7.1 million fans. She has transferred numerous recordings slicing from her regular face to her face wearing elaborate cosmetics.

Her most memorable Instagram post was on March 21, 2014, and was a progression of photographs of her and her companions stream boating. The subtitle read “Been a decent day.”

Her most memorable TikTok video was her interpretation of the channel challenge. She likewise adores felines and has posted various recordings with her fairly huge feline.

She has two nieces named Leah and Holly Mair. She has two different nieces who have additionally showed up on her TikTok account. She and her sweetheart Connor Darlington run a YouTube channel together called Connor And Liana. The couple reported in December 2021 that they are anticipating their most memorable youngster, a child, together. In July 2022 the couple invited a child named Koazy Darlington.

Liana Jade gave birth

Tiktok star attracted attention with her big belly now liana jade has reached her happy ending 2 gmspors

Liana Jade left her pregnancy period behind and she is very happy that her baby was born in good health.

Presenting on her TikTok account, Liana uncovered that individuals frequently don’t think she is pregnant from the front.

Yet, their response in a split second changes when she shows herself from the side.

What’s more, there’s one spot specifically where it works out.

“While you’re getting hit on at the bar,” Liana composed.

Liana uncovered herself from the front, and to anybody who doesn’t have any acquaintance with her, she certainly doesn’t look pregnant.

However at that point she goes to the side where her knock in a split second becomes noticeable, and she subtitled the post ‘best party stunt of all time.’

The video has since turned into a web sensation with more than 2,000,000 perspectives and over 400k preferences.

Furthermore, many individuals concurred they couldn’t see she was pregnant from the beginning, one expressed: “Omg I realized you were pregnant yet I didn’t see your knock.”

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