Lesti Kejora’s ‘twin’ woman reappears: The most similar vow!

The latest viral ticks for women like pedangdut Lesti Morning.

Video ticks @teuku_iis, looks like a woman, similarly Lesti Sabah also became a veil.

When recorded, the woman is said to be similar to Lesti Kejora, who looks shy and smiles weakly.

Initially, women will be wearing a yellow dress with a brown headscarf, which never looks like Lesti Kejora.

Lesti Kejoras twin woman reappears The most similar vow 2

While wearing a helmet, it looks like she’s standing and talking to someone.

“My sister looks like Lesti Kejora, who’s going viral, yeah, sister,” said someone who was videotaped.

The video, which FYP debuted, was promptly commented on and judged to have a female face very similar to Lesti Kejora.

It’s so viral that the TikTok video has been re-uploaded to other social media platforms.

Lesti Kejoras twin woman reappears The most similar vow 1

The netizen said, “Sumpaaah this is the one that looks most like grandpa.” “Very similar indeed. Fix Dede’s twin,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, Lesti Kejora will soon marry Rizky Billar. Unfortunately, due to PPKM, the couple had to postpone the wedding.

The news of the serial marriage shocked the public. But Lesti immediately denied the news.