Lele Pons reveals she has Tourette’s syndrome

The famous phenomenon Lele Pons also announced that she had Tourette’s syndrome. Lele explained that she has been living with Tourette Syndrome for many years.

It Was Announced That TikTok Caused Young Girls To Have Tic Problems. YouTuber Lele Pons talks about living with Tourettes: ‘I don’t want to go on like this’.

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Even in the most ordinary video on TikTok, we definitely see different facial and body movements, tics. Although the reason for this is to attract people’s attention and to be watched more; It has been learned that more young children consult a doctor with tic complaints recently, leading to another result. So is there really a connection between TikTok and tics?

We see that social media is most effective on children and adolescents.

YouTuber Lele Pons opens up about living with Tourette

As of late, Lele Pons has certainly shown her fans a more weak side. Since the introduction of her YouTube series “The Secret Life of Lele Pons,” the previous Vine star has uncovered that her dad is gay and that she battles with “extreme” over the top impulsive issue.

In the latest scene of her YouTube series, web character Lele Pons likewise shared that she has covertly been living with Tourette disorder as long as she can remember.

“I have been concealing my spasms for quite a long time, yet I’ve at last acknowledged that it’s [a part] of who I am,” Lele remarked on the video.

As indicated by the scene, Lele has become more dependent on her mom as of late for things like cooking, cleaning and getting around.

“My mother does all that I ought to accomplish for me,” Lele said. The YouTube star proceeded to clarify that her reliance on her mother has a ton to do with her apprehension about doing things that make her feel awkward.

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“Every other person is assisting me with doing everything,” Lele shared. “My mother is thoroughly taking care of me at this moment. Each and every time that I feel awkward, or the inclination is an excess of where I’m awkward, I really begin crying at this point.”

In the video, one of Lele’s specialists — Dr. Katia Moritz of the Neurobehavioral Institute — noticed that Lele has turned into a pro at concealing her Tourette’s in her recordings and public appearances.

“Individuals that didn’t realize she has spasms would not see them since she consolidates them in her developments,” Moritz clarified. “Her snaps and her stretches look like piece of her ordinary communications when truly they are spasms. It makes it resemble it’s simply Lele being Lele.”

Since Lele has opened up with regards to her Tourette’s, she said she needs to zero in on improving and not allowing the condition to influence her however much it does.

“I’m roused to improve, I would prefer not to proceed with this way.”

Individuals were roused by Lele’s weakness and ability to open up with regards to her condition.

“I’ve been determined to have Tourette’s (and different conditions as well) when I was youthful, and I am still exceptionally humiliated with regards to my spasms. Lele, thank you for making this video, it is truly motivating to me to realize I can be effective notwithstanding the difficulties,” one individual said.

“I didn’t realize that Lele had this numerous issues she actually share it with us… I regard her so much and I trust she will improve,” another client added.

“Im so happy she came out with this series since I’e been watching her for some time and have consistently seen her so glad however presently we can see the opposite side of her grin,” a third individual composed. “Love u lele.”

The Danger of Tourette’s syndrome

In these years, when there is not much knowledge and experience about the world yet, many things reflected on social media can be seen as ‘correct’ and ‘ideal’. Teenage girls, in particular, are more inclined to accept the examples they see on social media as role models.

Eating disorder, body image disorder, and now it has been revealed that social media causes a new problem in young people; tics.

Famous singer Billie Eilish is one of the idol names of recent years and has Tourette Syndrome, known as tic disorder.

Doctors, who noticed the increase in the number of young girls who applied with tic complaints recently, found that this could be related to TikTok with a simple research they did.

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Young people whose families brought to the doctor with this problem often had tics that did not seem very normal; for example, some of them kept saying ‘beans’ with a British accent, and most of those who said this didn’t even speak English (later it was revealed that a famous influencer said ‘beans’ involuntarily). When doctors found out that all young people were watching videos about Tourette’s syndrome, they did a study on it.

It was interesting that similar results were obtained in simple studies conducted in different countries. The path of doctors who carried out similar research in Germany, England and America eventually came to social media.

The famous phenomenon Lele Pons also announced that she had Tourette’s syndrome.

Dr. Caroline Olvera, in her research by watching 3,000 TikTok videos, found that as many as 28 of the most popular influencers with tics were the cause of this problem.

Frankly, unfortunately, many influencers who come to the fore with their tics on TikTok actually play a role.

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