Lee Jin Ho searches for private photos of Jennie and V

Jennie’s journey to find the nude photo distributor continues.

Entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho said it wasn’t easy to find the person who spread the private photos of Jennie and V because the photos posted on the app are highly confidential.

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On October 3, SBS News reported that YG Entertainment had asked the police to investigate who had posted private photos of Jennie. After a long silence that angered fans, YG Entertainment took action to protect the BlackPink group member. The company explained that they needed to collect evidence in the past, so they did not dare to comment and take a clear stance.

It’s hard to find the person who spread Jennie’s private photos

YG Entertainment urges people to refrain from sharing private photos of Jennie, regardless of the purpose. The agency declares zero tolerance for intruders into the female idol’s privacy. YG Entertainment’s actions have made the public once again interested in the incident involving Jennie and V.

Recently, many candid photos of the two artists were posted on social networks. Even Gurumi Haribo’s account posted nude photos of rapper BlackPink’s bathtub. However, according to Sports Chosun, entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho said it wasn’t easy to catch the hackers who leaked Jennie’s photos.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Many photos have been leaked. It’s unclear whether these photos were hacked by hackers or if Jennie shared with her friends and later leaked them. It’s the cell phone that matters. Jennie’s account was hacked. Or not. Maybe Jennie herself explained why. “I think the photos were leaked through someone else, not the account that uploaded them. The hacker mentioned Lee, a mutual friend of Jennie and V.”

The reporter continued, “Jennie has removed Lee from her friends list and her private account is now unfollowed. Judging from these actions, it can be seen that Jennie was clearly not aware of where the leaked photos were coming from.”

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Lee Jin Ho said, “In that case, can you find the person who posted the photos first?” she asked. The entertainment reporter said he spoke to an expert in the information technology industry. This person gave a vague answer to Lee Jin Ho. This is because the images were first posted on Twitter and then on Telegram. They now use Telegram to illegally leak images.

“You can complain to the company that operates Telegram, but there is no way to know who that person is. And in this case, the most important thing is to provide information about the perpetrator so that the police can investigate. Nth chat room (a chat room that specializes in sharing sensitive pictures and videos of young girls) ), I was asked to provide the data, but it was not enough to give it to the investigating agency. Then I need to cooperate with government agencies and change the direction of the investigation. I think it would be very difficult to transfer data on personal matters,” he said.

What should users do if you want Telegram to provide data?, Lee Jin Ho kept asking. In this context, Lee Jin Ho said that if the account is registered by Gmail, the company must obtain approval from both Telegram and Google. These two companies never provide personal information. He added that even if the two companies provide information, it is difficult to catch the hacker.

Since August, an anonymous social media account named Gurumi Haribo has caused controversy on social media for constantly spreading private photos of Jenny. In it, many pictures show an intimate moment between the 1996 born singer and V (BTS member).

The company tacitly admits that Jennie and V are dating?

After the news that YG Entertainment asked the police to investigate who shared Jennie’s photos, MK newspaper asked, “Does YG officially admit that Jennie and V are dating?” He published an article entitled

The distribution of Jennie’s personal photos on social networks began on August 23 and lasted until the past. In addition to the personal photos, the hackers also posted photos of Jennie and V together, sparking news that the two are dating. However, in the past, HYBE and YG Entertainment have declined to answer about the love story between the two artists.

When the photos went viral on social media, many viewers thought they were collages. However, the expert said that the images could be obtained by hackers by hacking Jennie’s personal phone or account. Many experts believe that YG Entertainment and HYBE are keeping quiet as their love affairs can affect the future of idols.

In a statement on October 3, YG Entertainment stated, “The company restricts comments and views to minimize harm. However, a string of rumors resulted in criticism, personal attack, sexual harassment, and breach of privacy, prompting us to rectify the situation and legal situation. take action.”

The company continued, “We would like to inform you that under the Information and Communication Network Act, the company has sued for the act of publishing untrue content and breaching the privacy of hackers. We will take action. We will take legal action without any leniency.”

MK analyzed that YG only shared publicly revealed photos without expressing any opinion on the dating rumors between V and Jennie. However, YG’s actions implicitly denied that the leaked photos really belonged to Jennie. So the candid photos between Jennie and V are also real. As a result, Jennie and V’s dating rumors were taken as tacitly true by netizens rather than conjecture.

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