Leah Washington responds to criticism with lingerie poses

The young girl, who lost her leg after the accident, challenged the criticism with her underwear pose.

Leah Washington, a 24-year-old girl living in England, lost a leg after an accident in 2015. The young girl, who used her social media account actively and was criticized for the photos she shared, challenged the rumors about her with her underwear poses.

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Leah Washington, 24, from South Yorkshire, England, had her leg amputated after an accident in 2015. After recovering from a very difficult situation for a young girl, Washington began to actively use her social media account. The young girl, who shared every day from her account with 25 thousand followers, was criticized for wearing skirts and shorts. However, the young girl challenged these criticisms with her underwear pose.

Stating that it was difficult for her to see her close friends wearing shorts, skirts and dresses after the accident, Washington said, “It was very difficult to see my friends wearing dresses, shorts and skirts after the accident, and neither did I. “Gradually, I found the confidence to go out in public by wearing shorts or dresses. “

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Washington, who came to the fore with her social media posts after reconciling with her body, now advises her Instagram followers to love their bodies. Stating that she is frequently exposed to negative criticism on social media, Washington responded to harsh comments with the frames he published from the shootings of a lingerie brand.

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