League of legends new assassin akshan 1 gmspors

League of Legends new assassin Akshan

League of Legends latest champion has been revealed. Introducing Akshan, a new hero assassin in lol.

Akshan is an all-round champion. A Guardian of Light who goes into battle wielding an ancient weapon of extraordinary power. A man who believes that the right thing should always be done, no matter the cost. He also has a gorgeous smile.

Ah, did we mention it’s a mid laner shooter that can slam walls, hide, and resurrect teammates with its hook? Don’t worry, we’ll cover that in a moment.

League of legends new assassin akshan 1 gmspors

League Of Legends A Brand New Assassin

Before we get lost in his beautiful eyes, let’s talk a little bit about his origin. While developing Akshan’s gameplay, we aimed to create a rebel assassin. We were going to design a game style that would turn the lives of those playing Lux into a nightmare. He would be a stealth fighter.

One of the things that makes assassins effective is their ability to attack you before you can respond. Examples in League are the untargetability effect of Akali’s plume, the crowd control of Pyke’s stun, and the invisibility of Talon’s ultimate power. All are instant abilities, encouraging you to launch hit-and-run attacks that instantly melt an opponent into darkness. A stealth skill was essential as the team devised a skill set suitable for a rebel assassin. But stealth was already a concept for assassins in League. So we asked ourselves how we can make it different.

Positioning is extremely important to assassins and marksmen. As an assassin, you need to find vulnerabilities in vulnerable carriers and destroy them, rather than tickling high endurance tanks with your attacks. Playing as the shooter, you are the flimsy carrier everyone is after. In other words, one wrong step can get you killed. Akshan has the characteristics of both classes. That’s why the team wanted him to be able to position himself comfortably in battles. This mentality led the team to play a fast, super cool and dynamic game.

“I wanted Akshan to represent a little bit of South Asian culture; because I grew up with it. When I was little, my mother watched a lot of Bollywood movies. And one of the most important features of Bollywood movies is that they are dramatic. They have an exaggerated action style that’s all about show and entertainment,” says Jag. “LoL’s renowned mobility skills are often one of the coolest parts of the game, and I set myself a design goal. I would try to create a unique movement style for each champion I was working on. From the beginning of the process, we’ve been talking with Akshan’s original story writer, David “Interlocutioner” Slagle, about whether we can use the ropes as a power source. We talked about things like trigger wire mechanisms and traps. We couldn’t use them but the hook definitely suited Akshan.”

“As we started to shape Akshan’s gameplay, it became clear that he must be an attractive rebel,” says Game Designer Glenn “Riot Twin Enso” Anderson. “What do attractive rebels do? They swing through the window with their hooks, parkour, and then shoot the bad guys in the head. This personality suited his gameplay perfectly! But he’s not smug like Ezreal. He doesn’t brag about his favors to get attention. Instead, he does them silently and, if he feels like it, winks at you and then disappears.”

“We always wanted Akshan to be a member of the Guardians of Light,” shares Justin “Riot Earp” Albers. “But even when we were in the Guardians of the Light, it was extremely important that we highlight his unruly personality. He has a unique style of dressing, he does not allow anything to limit him and he comes before you with his whole being. Even the ancient and overpowered Guardian of Light weapon he uses has been tailored to his favorite fighting style. It doesn’t matter if the other Guardians respect the weapon and fear it. Akshan added a hook to it according to his head.”

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Akshan – Abilities

Passive – Dirty Fight

Akshan’s third attack or damaging ability deals instant physical damage. If the target is a champion, Akshan also gains a shield. After Akshan attacks, he launches a second attack that deals less physical damage. The second shot can be canceled just like any other basic attack. If Akshan cancels his second shot, he gains an instant movement speed boost.

Q – Boomerang of Vengeance

Akshan throws a boomerang that deals physical damage and reveals enemies hit. The boomerang’s range increases with each enemy hit. The opponents can be hit once, both on the way and while the boomerang is returning.

W – Invisible Guardian

Passive: Enemy champions are marked as tricksters when they kill one of Akshan’s teammates. When Akshan defeats a trickster, he gains additional gold and all teammates killed by the trickster are resurrected at their base. The trickster effect is then removed from all other opponents.

Active: Akshan camouflages briefly or indefinitely when near terrains. During this time, Akshan can see paths leading to crooks and gains movement speed and mana regen as he moves towards them.

E – Hero Swing

Akshan throws a hook that pierces the first surface shape hit. While hooked, Akshan can re-cast the ability to swing in the selected direction, firing projectiles that deal physical damage to the nearest enemy while swinging. While swinging, he uses the ability one more time to leap in the direction of the cursor and fires a final shot.

Hero Swing’s cooldown resets when Akshan takes down an enemy champion.

R – Tit-for-tat

Akshan locks onto an enemy champion, concentrating, and starts charging his weapon. At the end of the duration or after using the ability, Akshan fires the recharged shells. Each projectile deals physical damage based on their missing health to the first minion, champion, or structure they hit.

While Akshan concentrates for Tit-for-tat and fires the ability, he can continue to move normally and use Hero Swing.