Lauren jauregui challenges the vatican 2 gmspors

Lauren Jauregui Challenges the Vatican

Lauren Jauregui faces the Vatican after a controversial statement: “Marrying same-sex people is wrong, but harassing children is legal.”

Lauren Jauregui states that Vatika’s laws are absurd. She states that homosexuality in the world is bad, but no sound has been made against child abuse.

Lauren jauregui challenges the vatican 2 gmspors

Lauren Jauregui faces Vatican after controversial statement

But today this internet has a sharper language than a whip, everyone gets some kind of confusion, but when it comes to freedom, no conflict is inevitable, and Lauren Jauregui did just that.

This morning, the Vatican made a controversial statement about homosexual unity, saying that Catholic churches are forbidden to bless homosexual unions because, according to them, it was a heinous sin under God’s laws.

Upon hearing the news, Lauren, who was openly bisexual, showed her displeasure and left a beautiful splinter in the Vatican, which was full of controversy surrounding the sexual abuse of minors.

Lauren commented on Reuters’ “But it’s legal to abuse children … I bet”, citing scandals and the Vatican’s involvement in allegations of child abuse.

Lauren went on to say that the Church killed several people in order to achieve the state of power it has today:

“We also can’t forget how most of the Catholics that exist today got here… Look at the“ Inquisition ”and“ The Crusades. ”“ When it comes to sin and disobedience to God, I argue that marrying a loving couple is the least of the Church’s worries. “

The Inquisition and the crusades were movements dictated by the Roman Catholic Church, whose purpose was to fight and kill people who perpetrated the traditions considered heresy, curse, witchcraft, and heresy from God’s law.

Lauren jauregui challenges the vatican 1 gmspors