Latest Details on Football Manager 2021, PS4 and PS5

It has been announced that the football-themed Football Manager 2021, developed by Sports Interactive company and published by the SEGA brand, will not come to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 game consoles. It is certain that the Fm 2021 will not be in the next generation Ps 5 game console.

It has been announced on which platforms Football Manager 2021 will take place in the game. However, FM 2021 will not be included in PS5, the most anticipated new generation game console!

Football Manager 2021 will not come to PS4 and PS5 game consoles

The latest game of Football Manager, the famous sports-themed game series developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA company, was announced yesterday for many game platforms.

On the other hand, a statement came from the developer team about the game announced for Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC platforms. According to the statement made, it was clearly stated that the Playstation 4 and the last console will not come to the Playstation 5.

Stating that Sony did not send a development kit to Sports Interactive, the company that developed the game, Miles Jacobson said: “In order to buy a development kit, the platform owner must request the game on the platform. We talked with Sony about this and they said we do not have development kits. Then we talked to Microsoft and they sent it to us right away. There are a limited number of development kits on the market, so platform owners give priority to the games they want to see on their platform. ” With their statements, it has been announced that the game will not come to Playstation 4 and 5 models. On the other hand, it should be noted that Football Manager had previously greeted us with the FM Classic 2014 game on PS Vita.

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Football Manager 2021 will not be on PS4 and PS5 game consoles

With Football Manager 2021, you can take the lead of the world’s most successful football teams and set up games according to your own style, transfer players and make many important changes. The game will definitely give you the feeling of a real manager with its flow and system. The game offers many possibilities to create your own story as well as the professional football world. In addition to all these, the game will be released on the PC platform on November 24. However, the game will come with cross recording feature on Xbox consoles in December.

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