Lana Del Rey mask annoyed her fans

Lana Del Rey mask criticized by her fans

Lana Del Rey attended an event held in Los Angeles the day before. The mask that the American singer wore to match her outfit angered her followers. Lana Del Rey, whose mask is the incident, continues to remain silent about this issue. Lana has been criticized by her followers for not taking the seriousness of the illness.


35-year-old singer Lana Del Rey attended an event held at a Los Angeles bookstore the other day. Lana Del Rey, who introduced her poetry book, read some parts and chatted with her fans.


The singer, who preferred a white outfit for that day, also wore a mask against coronavirus.

However, Lana Del Rey’s preferred mask angered her followers.


Lana Del Rey’s unresponsive followers

Rey got reaction from some social media users because she used a stylish mask that did not have any protection against the virus. After criticism, Rey’s brother Chuck Grant also said that Lana Del Rey had a coronavirus test and the result was negative.

Grant also stated that Rey maintains her social distance from her fans. Despite the criticism of the followers, the mask polemic that happened was closed.


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