Kylie Jenner Goes To The Met Gala Like She’s Getting Married

It was noteworthy that Kylie Jenner went to the Met Gala as if she was getting married in a wedding dress. The supermodel attended the Met gala in a bespoke wedding dress with lots of expensive jewellery.

Elegance race at the Met Gala! There were also those who attended with a wedding dress, and some with a dress resembling a chandelier. Many world-famous names attended the Met gala and the clothes they wore attracted attention. Kylie is one of the most striking names of the Met Gala.

The supermodel thought of a different style for the Met Gala and wore a wedding dress like a young girl to marry.

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Kylie Jenner Kicks Off at the 2022 Met Gala

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An elegance race took place at the Met Gala, which is considered one of the biggest nights of fashion and organized every year by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Famous names participating in the ceremony, which was held with the theme of gilded attraction, showed up on the red carpet with interesting clothes.

Met Gala, which is held every year by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and considered one of the biggest nights of fashion, was held in all its glory this year as well. The participants of the night, attended by about 400 famous names from the worlds of music, cinema, fashion and sports, posed in ostentatious costumes on the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Beautiful model Gigi Hadid preferred a latex designer outfit at the ceremony where interesting clothes were preferred. Hadid preferred a corset and a rather fluffy jacket over dark red latex pants.

The world-famous Kylie Jenner chose to attend the ceremony in a wedding dress. Preferring a fluffy wedding dress, Jenner added a veil to her hat, which she wore backwards. The outfit of the famous name was also on the agenda on social media.

Although many names took part in the Met Gala, Kylie Jenenr was again among the most popular names. After she shared the preparation photos of the wedding dress before the meeting on Instagram, her fans liked and commented like crazy. Jenenr’s special outfit was interpreted by many of her fans as a gentle and sweet outfit. Kylie also had many followers who claimed she looked like an angel in white.

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