Kylie Jenner, a gift of $ 12,000 to her 2-year-old daughter

Kylie Jenner, a gift of $ 12,000 to her 2-year-old daughter

World-famous show star Kylie Jenner, who shared her daughter’s back to school video, drew a reaction with the $ 12,000 bag she bought for Stormi, two years old. The hot model Jenner was criticized by her followers after the luxurious baha gifts she received for her daughter. Some followers said, “I don’t mind who gives 12 thousand dollars to this bag.”
They made comments in the form.

Jenner, 23, who owns a great fortune with her cosmetics brand and has become the most earning name in the family in a short time, announced on her social media account that her daughter has returned to school. Jenner shared photos and videos before Stormi’s homeschooling. The 93 thousand TL bag on the back of the little boy and the diamond earrings in his ear were noticed in the images.

Stormi was born in 2018 from Jenner’s relationship with famous rapper Travis Scott. Jenner girl is one of the babies with the highest number of followers in the world. The little girl of the hot model has managed to become one of the most talked about names on social media for a while.

Kylie Jenner’s call sparks voter registration explosion

With Kylie Jenner’s call from Instagram, American citizens’ voter registration applications increased by 1500 percent. Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page increased the voter enrollment of American citizens by 1500 percent. The 23-year-old reality show star and cosmetics company boss invited his followers to register voters so they could vote in the US presidential election on November 3, on his personal Instagram account.

Jenner, trying to attract the attention of her followers by sharing a bikini photo, said, “Are you registering for voters?” He stated that you can register by clicking the link in the biography section of his page. Jenner responded to the call, “Let’s all vote.”

What is Kylie Jenner’s daughter’s last name?

Kylie Jenner revealed that baby Stormi’s last name is Webster. Jenner edited an Instagram post announcing her daughter’s name including her last name on Wednesday morning. Stormi’s dad Travis Scott’s real name is Jacques Webster.

Who is the father of Kylie Jenner’s baby?

The news we’ve all been waiting for has finally been confirmed – Kylie Jenner is a mom! The real star shared on Instagram that she and her boyfriend Travis Scott were welcoming a baby girl this week.

Is Travis Scott Rich?

The Astroworld tour, named after his latest album, generated $ 65 million in sales, according to “Celebrity Net Worth,” and raised Scott’s personal fortune to nearly $ 40 million. Scott, one of the biggest breakout singers, draws attention with his high wages.

How old was Kylie Jenner when she gave birth?

Kylie Jenner was only 20 when she gave birth to her first daughter, but according to the real star, this is exactly what she wanted. In an interview with Paper Magazine, the makeup mogul spoke about his daughter Stormi Webster and motherhood. The beautiful model stated that being a 20-year-old mother is very normal and is quite ready for it.

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