Kris Jenner talks about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape on polygraph

Kris jenner talks about kim kardashians sex tape on polygraph gmspors

Kris Jenner’s response to the claim that “Kim Kardashian’s mother leaked the sex tape”.

After the images of Kim Kardashian with her boyfriend Ray J went viral on the internet in 2007, the rap star claimed that Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner had a hand in the leak of the video. Jenner responded to those allegations. While connected to the lie detector…

Kris jenner talks about kim kardashians sex tape on polygraph gmspors

Reality show star Kris Jenner has clarified allegations that she leaked a sex tape of her daughter Kim Kardashian in 2007. Kris Jenner took the popular lie detector test on Late Late Show with James Corden.

Kris Jenner, who attended the famous comedian James Corden’s talk show on the evening of September 8, with her youngest daughter Kylie Jenner, was connected to the lie detector and answered the most curious questions about her family.

Corden asked Jenner, 66, “if she helped Kim spread the sex tape.”

Kris and Kylie Jenner at lie detector

It was a big event that Kim Kardashian’s sex footage with US rap star Ray J was leaked to the internet in 2007, and it was claimed that one of the leakers was her mother, Kris Jenner. When the claim came from Ray J, who was on the tape, it was on the agenda for a long time, and it was even stated that Jenner had resorted to such a way to make her daughter famous.

Kris Jenner, who participated in the TV show “The Late Late Show With James Corden”, was connected to the polygraph here. Jenner was asked here about the allegations that Ray J has made about himself in the past. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner was in the studio, and she responded by saying ‘Oh my God’ to the question. But Kris Jenner kept her cool.

Kris jenner talks about kim kardashians sex tape on polygraph gmspors

James Corden asked Jenner, “Did you help Kim make the sex tape?” she asked. As a hum rose from the audience at the time, Jenner said, “It’s okay. No. My answer is no,” she said. While the polygraph determined that Jenner was telling the truth, Corden responded, “Of course it is!”

While Jenner couldn’t hide her happiness in those moments, “Thanks James. This made me happy. We’ve cleared that up too.” said.

In May of this year, Ray J claimed that he never leaked the sex tape of herself and Kim in 2007, and claimed that the video was distributed as part of a deal between herself, Kim and Kris. Ray J posted on social media, “I haven’t leaked anything. I’ve never leaked a sex tape in my life. I never do.” she said.

Kim Kardashian talks about ex-girlfriend Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian, known for her reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, talked about her new project and her recently broken ex boyfriend.

Kim kardashian relationship history 1 gmspors

Reality show star Kim Kardashian has shared some details about her soon-to-be-released true crime podcast on Spotify.

According to the news in CNN, 41-year-old Kardashian stated that she is “obsessed” about her love for true crime, and announced that her new podcast is called “The System”.

“The first season is about a really crazy case where a man is sentenced to death for the triple murder that took place in Ohio. “There are many twists and turns in how it is handled or misused, and we take the listener on a journey to seek the truth.”

Talking about her ending relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, Kardashian said, “He’s literally a great person, but you can’t force someone to like you. I’m excited for the future point,” he said.

She and Davidson were together from October 2021 to August 2022.

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