King Charles III prophecy became the agenda on social media

The prophecy of King Charles III was on the agenda on social media! “History repeats itself, same fate as previous Charles’s.

A woman who shared on TikTok with the username ‘Ches_du_chili’ predicted that the reign of King Charles III, the new owner of the throne, would not last long after the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The young woman managed to become popular on social media, saying that the new king could face the same fate as her two previous namesakes.

King charles iii prophecy became the agenda on social media 2 gmspors

“History repeats itself” is a cliché known all over the world, but a social media user claimed that the reign of King Charles III of England, inspired by the events on the stage of history, would not be long-lasting. The prophecy of the user named ‘Ches_du_chili’, who stated that the King of England could share the same fate with two monarchs with the same name before him, surprised everyone.


Mentioning that there were two more kings named Charles, who ruled before King Charles III in the history of England, the user said that the monarchs could not survive. The user post ‘Ches_du_chili’ wrote, “King Charles I was imprisoned and later executed for rejecting constitutional monarchy. King Charles II, on the other hand, spent two years as monarch before being exiled by the de facto leader Cromwell, then reinstated as King nine years later. “History repeats itself, previous Charles’s did not survive as monarchs,” he said.

King charles iii prophecy became the agenda on social media 3 gmspors

Social media showed great interest in Ches_du_chili’s promotional campaign. The post is short chance to reach comments and likes. While he said that some little prophecy could come true, he drew a new life age that belongs to the school of some English.

French astrologer Michel de Nostradame published a book in 1555 that allegedly predicted the future, including the rise of Hitler and the assassination of JFK. In his book Les Prophéties, he made thousands of predictions about the future. Expressing that a king or queen will die unexpectedly in 2022, Michel de Nostradame made an interesting prophecy about the future of the Royal Family.


The most striking part of Nostradamus’s prophecies is about Charles, Prince of Wales, becoming King of England. Because the prophecy, which indicates that the reign of King Charles will not last long, says that a person whom no one expects will be king.

Author Mario Reading writes, “The prophecy includes that Elizabeth II will die in 2022, at the age of approximately 96, 5 years shorter than her mother’s lifetime. Prince Charles will be seventy-four years old in 2022 when he takes over the throne, but resentments against him by certain parts of the British population still remain after his divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales.

We can interpret this as King Charles being forced to abdicate in favor of Prince William. But in the second revision of the book, published the following year, another prophetic agenda comes up. These are the words that ‘a man who was never expected to be king will take his place’. “No one is expecting him, but we will see Prince Harry as King of England.”

Prophecies of the time traveler who predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II

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A TikTok user who predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England managed to become the agenda again on social media. The other prophecies of the user, who introduced himself as a time traveler in his post on TikTok and claimed to have reached today from 2082, made everyone wonder.

In the post that caught the attention of TikTok users after the news of the Queen’s death was officially announced, the time traveler said, “I am a real-time traveler. There will be an unexpected big earthquake in 2023. Queen Elizabeth will die on October 4, 2022. Be careful,” he added.

The death of the so-called time traveler Queen on September 8 caused social media users to show renewed interest in the post. Although there was about a month between the death of the Queen and the prediction of the time traveler in the post shared on March 15, users opened the post for discussion again. One social media user asked, “Have you come back to see if you guessed the Queen?” made his comment. Another user said, “You were pretty close with the Queen, but I think it was a Nostradamus guess.”

King charles iii prophecy became the agenda on social media 1 gmspors

Toward the beginning of Sovereign Elizabeth II’s rule, the development of the web was still many years away. In any case, in the present day, we’ve become used to seeing the Illustrious Family on the web – and specifically, via virtual entertainment.

However, there’s a major change in progress in the social world, as Ruler Charles III and Camilla Parker-Bowles have closed down their renowned Clarence House account. “This record is done being refreshed,” the bio of the pair’s previous Instagram account peruses.

Regal fans ought to fear not, however, as the recently designated Ruler and his Sovereign Partner haven’t dumped virtual entertainment by and large. All things being equal, you can now stay aware of all their regal goings on over on the authority Illustrious Family social records.

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