Kimberly Loaiza and Lele Pons are sexy hot bunny girls

Kimberly Loaiza and Lele Pons had a fun night at Mandrake Miami in their bunny girl costumes. Influnecers who took their boyfriends with them almost set fire to the bunny-girl state.

Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza Martinez, known artistically as Kimberly Loaiza, is a Mexican internet personality. She started her YouTube career in 2016 and is currently the 7th most followed user on TikTok.

Lele Pons Mandrake, who gained millions of fans with Vine and is currently the most popular Spanish female social media celebrity, appeared in Miami in a bunny girl costume.

Lele’s friend KIM LOAIZA spent the night with her in a sexy red outfit.

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Bunny girls at Mandrake Miami

MANDRAKE MIAMI, the high-end Nikkei gastronomy restaurant, recently celebrated its official opening. Alongside major music stars, Miami’s most exclusive ensemble was present to celebrate with new owners Nahim Jorge Bonilla and Melissa Granda.

Singer Ivy Queen will soon premiere the music video she recorded at Her Majesty at Mandrake. Maluma also used the location of the song “Parce”, and the latest premiere with “CXO” by Chencho Corleone, Lenny Tavarez and Piso 21 was held in a special place characterized by exquisite Nikkei food.

Successful Canadian entrepreneurs, bars, nightclubs, concert venues and artist producers Melissa Granda and Nahim Jorge Bonilla traded profits for exotic palm trees when they moved to Miami Beach.

The young couple is known for the popularity of all their business projects and they have not been an exception since they came to the City of the Sun to consolidate themselves in the competitive gastronomy industry.

Many influencers participated in the fun night of Mandrake Miami, especially Lele and KIM LOAIZA attracted great attention with their sexy outfits.

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Kenia Os and Kimberly Loaiza at impressive Lele Pons’ wedding?

The feud between fans of Kenia Os and Kimberly Loaiza has reignited when both were invited to the wedding of influencer Lele Pons and singer Guayna.

The rivalry between the two artists began a few years ago after the release of a video of Os revealing some of the situations he went through while working with “Jealous” commentator and partner Youtuber Juan De Dios. The battle between Pantoja and his followers, who subsequently constantly compared them, led to a series of public accusations about a contract, once “Kenini” began to have an artistic life.

Little by little her past is not remembered, but the invitation to the love celebration has fueled speculation about the celebrity reunion, as it was even announced that Loaiza would be Lele’s bridesmaid.

The prospect didn’t last long, however: Os quickly ended up hoping for a reconciliation, as he confirmed via a livestream on Instagram that he wasn’t planning to attend his friend’s wedding because he didn’t feel safe.

“I talked to him and said I didn’t feel comfortable,” she said, adding that it would be a better option to enjoy a bachelorette party with the influencer because “I didn’t want that wedding to be the main theme.” be another theme.”

She also stated that in the end “these are things he no longer wants in her life”.

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The translator of “Toketeo” emphasized that people are lazy to return to the old debate, in reality the main actors of the moment are Guayna and Lele. So he made a clear decision.

As it is known, Loaiza “Lindura Mayor” has not made any statement on this subject so far.

Recall that Juan De Dios and Kimberly joined the YouTube channel after Kenya realized that he was a fan of young people who started to become popular on the network in 2019.

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