Kim Kardashian’s video with Ray J is back on top

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape topped the adult site Pornhub’s ‘most-watched’ list after Ray J claimed it was a second voluptuous video. Kim and Ray are back on the agenda. The couple, the owner of the video, which once made a big impact in America, came to the agenda again.

The broker claims that Kim Kardashian ‘made $20 million from the sex tape’ with Ray J and the most raunchy images were left out of the clip.

Kim Kardashians video with Ray J is back on top 2

KIM Kardashian’s sex tape has made the top hits list on famous grown-up site Pornhub after Ray J asserted there’s another unseemly video.

The underlying sex tape spilled in 2007, not some time before the debut of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, making Kim an easily recognized name.

Kim Kardashian’s 2007 sex tape is as yet well known with watchers

A Reddit client shared a snatch from the notorious tape and asserted that it was “number 13 on the hot pornography recordings in the United States” on Pornhub.

“I can’t help thinking about what started this freshly discovered interest?” the client inquired.

Individuals rushed to answer in the remarks area as one blamed Kim for utilizing the tape to advance the family’s new Hulu show, The Kardashians.

They guaranteed: “She’s in a real sense following the playbook interestingly their show circulated. It’s so self-evident.

“I’m certain they figured perhaps it could work once more, why not try it out.”

One more said: “As seen on the Kardashians Hulu episode…”

“I think the sex tape dramatization is phony for the show now…” a third tolled in.

Already, Ray J’s chief took steps to release “unreleased film” from that very evening in Mexico back in 2007.

Kim is seen yelling on the telephone during the principal episode of The Kardashians, as she said: “Not without a battle to the death is this reoccurring. I know the right lawyers this time and I won’t allow this to happen to me once more.

“I have constantly, all the cash and each of the assets to consume them all the f*g ground.”

Kim Kardashians video with Ray J is back on top 1


Discuss one more sex tape started off after Kim’s own ex Kanye West asserted he needed to end potential new film being delivered.

During a meeting with Hollywood Unlocked, Kanye traveled to meet Ray J, 41, and acquire the PC on which he and Kim’s sex tape lived.

He asserted: “I proceeded to get the PC from Ray J myself that evening.

“I met this man at the air terminal, then, at that point, got on a red-eye, returned [and] conveyed it to her at 8am in the first part of the day.”

The hitmaker said: “She [Kim] cried when she saw it.

“You know why she cried when she seen it on the PC? Since it addresses the amount she’s been utilized.

“It addresses how much individuals didn’t adore her, and they considered her to be a product.”


Notwithstanding, Kim tended to the cases by means of representative as she told Page Six: “The PC and hard drive gathered should contain the first video and any inconspicuous film.

“After audit, there was nothing sexual concealed, just film on the plane while heading to Mexico and film at a club and eatery on a similar excursion.”

The assertion proceeded: “Kim stays firm in her conviction that there is no new second tape that exists.

“Following 20 years, she genuinely wishes to continue on from this section [and] center rather around the positive things she keeps on doing as a mother, business person and supporter for equity change.”

In spite of a long time since the tape’s unique delivery it is obviously as yet getting out and about as Kim even needed to make sense of it for her kids on her show.

The truth star conceded that her child Saint, six, saw a picture of herself crying while at the same time playing the game Roblox.

The photograph was joined by a message about the chance of being “unreleased film” out there from her sex tape.

“I can’t completely accept that this is going on the present moment,” Kim is seen telling her lawyer on the telephone.

Kim Kardashian ‘made $20M from sex tape’ with Ray J and raunchiest film was avoided with regards to cut, agent claims

KIM Kardashian packed away no less than $20 million from her scandalous sex tape with Ray J – yet the raunchiest film was erased from the last video, a big name pornography intermediary has guaranteed.

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Beam J is claimed to have answered that Blatt’s proposition “sounded great” yet he expected to talk with Kim first.

Yet, Blatt said he at absolutely no point ever heard from Ray J in the future, and eventually the video was given by an outsider to Vivid Entertainment, a porno dissemination organization.

“I was prepared to make an arrangement with him and pay him more cash than he’s consistently seen yet he went despite our good faith and that is fine,” Blatt said.

The 41-minute tape was delivered months after the fact in March 2007 under the title Kim Kardashian: Superstar.

Kim recorded a claim against Vivid before long, blaming the organization for delivering the tape without her authorization.

She immediately dropped the suit subsequent to enrolling the assistance of Girls Gone Wild maker Joe Francis, a companion of the Kardashian family, who obtained her $5 million for the tape’s dispersion all things considered.


Like Hilton before her, Kim’s sex tape proceeded to make her a colossal star.

Something like eight months after the video’s delivery, she and the remainder of her family proceeded to star on their own unscripted television series on E!, Keeping Up With The Kardashians – catapulting them to worldwide acclaim.

Distinctive Entertainment pioneer Steven Hirsch recently uncovered that Kim’s sex tape is his organization’s “top rated film ever”, and has produced large number of dollars in deals.

“I can say that it’s the most well known tape we’ve at any point done,” he told the NY Post in 2017.

“Income wise it has produced more pay than whatever other tape that we’ve done.”

Erased SCENES?

Amazingly, Blatt charges there were various X-appraised scenes in the form of the sex tape he professes to have watched that were really erased from the last video.

Declining to offer points of interest, Blatt told The Sun: “Everything I can say to you is that on the underlying tape of Kim Kardashian there was a ton of stuff that was prohibited.

“I don’t think the family would’ve been the substance that they are today assuming a great deal of that other stuff had made it onto the last tape.”

He additionally dispersed claims made by Kim’s ex Kanye West recently, who said he was in control of a “realistic” and “unreleased” second sex tape including Kim and Ray J.

Blatt said assuming any such tape existed, he has no question it would’ve made it across his work area eventually.


Kim Kardashian, and her “momager” Kris Jenner, have generally kept up with that nobody in their family was associated with the spilling of the video. Beam J, as well, claims he wasn’t involved.

Nonetheless, reports have long whirled that the tape’s delivery was a determined move by both Ray J and Kim, as Blatt’s supposed experience with the rapper would recommend.

In a 2016 detailed account book by Ian Halperin called Kardashian Dynasty, the writer guaranteed the sex tape was “a finished set up to become popular”, and the thought was basically an endeavor to duplicate Paris Hilton’s climb to superstardom.

Halperin further guaranteed that Kim’s claim was “just an endeavor to depict herself as a casualty of a corrupt criminal or Ray J himself.”

Karrine Steffans, a previous “Video Vixen” who recently dated Ray J, told Page Six five a long time back that the vocalist thought releasing the sex tape would “bring him riches and more distinction.”

“What’s more, he extremely, outrageously accepted — truly in his innermost self accepted — that this sex tape planned to at long last make him white-young lady popular,” she said.

“It’s an alternate sort of renowned. There’s nothing that white young ladies can’t do and be well known; a white young lady could slip and fall in Rodeo Drive and out of nowhere she’s a star. People of color can’t do that, and unquestionably people of color can’t do that, and white men can’t do that.”

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While exactly the way that the sex tape came to be spilled will probably consistently raise an eyebrow of doubt among some, Kim has frequently spoken freely about how she wants to “delete” the clasp.

“That is something that I need to live with until the end of my life. That is something that is, such as, being held over my head,” Kim said during the gathering episode of Season 20 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK).

“I make an effort not to have any second thoughts, yet it’s likely the one thing that I wish didn’t exist, and on the off chance that I could delete any of the moronic things that I’ve done throughout everyday life, that is presumably it. Also, it’s more so from being a mother than anything.”

While she lamented making the tape, Kim said she accepts that KUWTK could not have possibly been however fruitful as it very well might be had the film not been spilled.

“Thinking back, likely not,” she said. “I believe that everything occurs for an explanation and I sincerely attempt to live that way.

“Each time there’s an insane embarrassment that feels like you can’t inhale and how are you going to overcome this, it forever is an example.

“Regardless of whether it’s a private example, or regardless of whether it’s simply something that we realize we needed to go through.”

Blatt voiced appreciation for Kim, and Paris Hilton, for outlasting the brief encounter with popularity their particular tapes gave them and utilizing the stage to sling themselves to the higher classes of fame.

“A many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that it’s something to be rich and one more to be popular – however to be rich and renowned takes a huge measure of ability,” he said.

“It takes something beyond a sex tape, you want a gigantic measure of expertise to keep going as long as Paris in this game or Kim – on the grounds that both became billion-dollar endeavors.”