Kim Kardashian shared her nude photos from SnapChat

Kim Kardashian-West shared nude images from her SnapChat account, which he opened earlier this year. After sharing her naked photos, it became a big agenda in social media.

Kim Kardashian-West Nude Sharing

Kardashian in Miami due to Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour signaled a return to their old days.

Kardashian, 35, who lost 31 kilos after giving birth, recently announced that 6,000 selfies were taken in Punta Mita, where he went on vacation. Expressing that she wore 9 different bikinis during the holiday, Kardashian brought her stunt on holiday.


Kim Kardashian also missed the end of the rope! His naked posts freaked out. His photos became an agenda in social media. The model of Armenian origin is now reporting due to problems with her husband. It was claimed that there was a big fight especially with his wife. No statement was made between the two parties on this matter.

Kim Kardashian, who is of Armenian origin by father, Dutch and Scottish origin by mother, came across the camera to introduce new products of his cosmetics brand. Kardashian drew reaction with the poses he gave.

Kim Kardashian, which has its own cosmetic brand and sells all over the world, manages to make a name with every product it produces. Her brothers Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner also claim that there is a competition between them and their own brands. The poses of 3 brothers against the cameras in every product promotion are on the world agenda.

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Kim Kardashian, who swore not to pose naked 5 months ago, came across the camera half naked

Kim Kardashian, who decided not to pose naked in November last year, broke her own rule and shared her half naked poses from her Instagram account.

Kim Kardashian, who did not fall off the agenda with daring poses showing her big buttocks, decided not to pose naked 5 months ago, saying “I do not want my children to see these poses in the future”. However, Kardashian broke the rule and gave bold poses.


Kim Kardashian, who has 165 million followers from his Instagram account and shares almost every moment, came across the camera for a brand. Posing naked, Kardashian covered part of her body with a model perfume bottle in her hand.

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