Kim Jung-hyun’s accusations against Seohyun

Following news stories expressing that he is apparently dating entertainer Seo Ji-hye, “Crash Landing on You” and “Mr. Sovereign” star Kim Jung-hyun is confronting terrible press in South Korea after it was uncovered he is in struggle with his office O& Entertainment over the legitimacy time of his selective agreement.

In August 2018, Kim Jung-hyun ventured down from his lead job in the show “Time” because of wellbeing reasons, for example, eating and rest issues, and went on break for a very long time. He and Girls‘ Generation’s Seohyun were the fundamental stars of the show.

Kim Jung hyuns accusations against Seohyun 1

His present agreement with O& Entertainment finishes in May and the dating gossip with Seo Ji-hye turned into an issue as he was purportedly attempting to get her assistance to join with her organization, Culture Depot.

O& Entertainment is guaranteeing that Kim Jung-hyun’s agreement ought to be stretched out by 11 months to make up for the time that he enjoyed a reprieve subsequent to leaving “Time.” The organization has documented a debate with the Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) over his agreement.

Articles have reemerged pinpointing his inconsiderate conduct towards Seohyun during the question and answer session for “Time” hung on July 20, 2018.

In a video clasp of the question and answer session circling on YouTube, Kim Jung-hyun and Seohyun were standing one next to the other to posture for the media and she attempted to connect her arm with him for the photograph yet he rejected.

Kim Jung-hyun was blank at the occasion and when the four primary stars of the show completed the process of posturing for the press, he left the stage promptly to go to his seat, leaving his three co-stars.

At that point, he was censured for his impolite conduct however told the media at the occasion that “it is for my job,” the Korea Times revealed in 2018.

At the point when it was declared that he would leave “Time,” O& Entertainment clarified in August 2018 that he “has been accepting treatment while going for the dramatization ― he would not like to make hurt the show. The entertainer and team made an honest effort to run until the end, yet Kim needed to stop halfway after his primary care physician advised him to have a psychological and actual break.”

“He is doing everything he can for the leftover part. Kim has been acting with eagerness and has prevailing in his job because of an exceptional character depiction. We desire to see him again not long after he recuperates,” said Korean TV channel MBC, which broadcasted “Time.”

As indicated by a selective SBS report on April 11, a “Period” staff accountable for Seohyun said, “Seohyun cried a great deal on the set.”

For what reason was Kim Jung-hyun inconsiderate to Seohyun? Truth behind claims as ‘plan’ Seo Ye-ji reprimanded for ‘Time’ show

As indicated by the most recent cases, Seo Ye-ji is supposed to be the genius behind Kim Jung-hyun’s impolite conduct towards Seohyun on the arrangement of show arrangement ‘Time’.

It was recently announced that Staff ‘A’ from the arrangement of ‘Time’ back in 2018 uncovered new insights regarding Kim Jung-hyun’s sudden exit from the cast. Albeit the news upheld that “there were unmistakable reasons” for his nearby leave, new records from various staff individuals have revealed new insight into the issue.

Kim Jung hyuns accusations against Seohyun 2

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The staff part said Kim Jung-hyun didn’t welcome Seohyun and had no eye to eye connection with her, and he remained in his vehicle during breaks in the shooting. The staff part said Kim Jung-hyun gave indications of distress when there was an affection scene during the recording.

As per the staff, subsequent to shooting a scene wherein Seohyun and Kim Jung-hyun contacted hands, he cleaned his hands with a tissue and when she saw it, Seohyun burst into tears on the set.

Kim Jung-hyun once apologized to Seohyun through O& Entertainment yet his conduct didn’t change a lot after, the staff added.

The SBS report added that Kim Jung-hyun’s adjustment in demeanor during the “Time” shooting was a direct result of his better half, who was an entertainer at that point. Individual entertainers got some information about the tales and he apparently answered, “It’s false.”

Kim Jung-hyun’s fans communicated their help to him, saying his wellbeing was decaying because of genuine eating, rest and frenzy problems.

They said the entertainer has not taken a legitimate break over the most recent a long time since 2016 when he joined with O& Entertainment, and added that during this time, he had nine dramatizations and four films.