Kerri Barnes rides naked bike for charity campaign

The young girl cycling in a bikini in the freezing cold collected 8,000 pounds an hour for charity. In England, a woman named Kerri Barnes rallied her bikinis in London to raise money for a charity that helps patients undergoing mental treatment. Kerri, cycling through the freezing cold and people’s gaze, managed to collect about 8,000 pounds in a matter of hours.

The people of England could not hide their astonishment when they saw the young girl cycling in the street, half naked. Kerri Barnes, on the other hand, successfully achieved the goal of raising aid under curious eyes.

When asked how she felt after riding the bike, Kerri said, “It was cold, but seeing me succeed in doing things for people warmed me. I didn’t feel the cold.

Saying that his friends, family and colleagues give him a great support, Kerri said that she should always be helpful, sincerity and warm attention will save lives.

The woman, who rides a completely naked bike around London, donates the money she has collected to fight suicide to mental health institutions.

Kerri Barnes, who tragically committed suicide by his cousin, wanted to do something after seeing the shocking statistics on mental health; however, he had difficulty generating ideas.

While Kerri was thinking about how she could raise money for a while, her housemate suggested the young woman to undress and ride a bike, and Kerri decided it was a great idea.

Even though going out naked in the winter months is daunting, Kerri, who made her decision in November, said, “This year I was determined to do something to raise awareness and raise money on suicide prevention. Because there has been the biggest increase in suicide rates since the second quarantine started. Unfortunately, a very close relative of mine attempted suicide several times under initial restrictions. Nine years ago one of my cousins ​​killed himself. I wanted to do something, but the ideas that came to my mind were ridiculous. Then my flatmate suggested to ride naked bike, ”he said.

Kerri said that his friends and family at first thought this idea was a bit crazy, but over time they got used to the idea and supported it, “I shared it on social media and I got a lot of positive and supportive reactions. I think people also grappled with mental health problems this year. This enabled people to empathize, ”he said.

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