An interesting confession of sexuality came from Kerolay Chaves

The 21-year-old social media phenomenon and OnlyFans member Kerolay Chaves shook social media with her work.

Kerolay Chaves, 21, a telephone technician, was on the agenda with her statement.

While working as a technician, she entered the OnlyFans platform, which makes money by sharing adult content.

An interesting confession of sexuality came from kerolay chaves 2 gmspors

Kerolay Chaves, using the username “White Fairy”, talked about her plans on entrepreneurship, and the ground was shaken.

Kerolay Chaves, 21, said she was a virgin.

Kerolay Chaves, who made money by posting her photos on the OnlyFans platform, quit being a technician and focused entirely on this field.

The social media phenomenon, which has gained close to 200,000 followers on Instagram, has made people say ‘no more’ with their latest statements.

The entrepreneurial plans of the young phenomenon, who also shared photos with adult content on her Instagram page, shocked her followers.

The young phenomenon stunned with the ‘vagina’ explanation.

An interesting confession of sexuality came from kerolay chaves 1 gmspors

The young phenomenon who said that she wanted to collect candles with the scent of her own vagina became the agenda.

“I want to have a candle collection that has my own vagina scent,” said Kerolay Chaves.

Kerolay Chaves claimed that her vagina smelled different from others because she was a virgin.

The young entrepreneur, who was sure that people would line up for this product, said that she would add different scents to her product.

She said that she would add bergamot and citrus and essence to her products.

“My fans will be able to take my scent home”

The young phenomenon said that she can take the scent of her fans home.

This entrepreneurial idea of ​​21-year-old Kerolay Chaves stunned social media users.

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