Kelly Price, allegations that she died were false

She said “I suffered a lot”! Singer Kelly Price, who is said to have died from coronavirus, announced that she is alive.

Kelly Price, who was the guest vocalist of world-famous singers Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, announced that she did not die by making a statement on her social media account after the allegations that she died. Price’s statement at the hospital, “I died. I remember waking up in intensive care. My internal organs were damaged, I was in so much pain” was misunderstood.

Famous singer Kelly Price has been in hospital for a while due to coronavirus. Price, whose whereabouts are unknown and whose family has filed a missing persons report, has finally emerged. Breaking her silence, Price announced that she had caught the coronavirus.

According to some reports, it was said that the famous star was discharged from the hospital and disappeared after surviving the coronavirus. However, Price’s lawyer said that she was safe on Friday night after the famous singer was reported missing in the Atlanta area where she lived, and denied the reports, saying that the famous singer was being treated for coronavirus.

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Her family told TMZ that they were in contact with her while she was in the hospital in early August, and that their children had visited her several times. She was then discharged 3 weeks after being admitted to the hospital. However, this situation surprised her family, as the 48-year-old singer was said to still not fully recover.

“I was never lost. I was at home, being seen by doctors. Everyone in my family knew exactly where I was. I was never in any danger, I’m not in danger right now,” Price told TMZ about people who thought she was lost.

“At one point, they lost me. A few days later I woke up and the first thing I remember was the doctors standing around me asking if I knew what year it was. I died. I remember waking up in ICU. I’m facing a very tough battle right now. To get ready for the concert again,” Price said in a statement from the hospital. “I have a lot of rehabilitation without my loved one by my side. My internal organs were damaged, I suffered a lot,” she said. These words of the singer were misunderstood and news about her “Died” appeared.

The manager of the famous singer appeared and announced that Price did not disappear, that she was treated and that she had a heavy coronavirus.

Price also made a statement on social media, “Thank you for your concerns, prayers and attention. They didn’t lose me. I promise, I’ll be back.” she wrote.

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Police checked Price’s home, which was reported missing by his family to police, and allegedly Price’s boyfriend refused to let visitors approach the home. Price said that he and his wife were infected with the corona virus, so they did not allow visitors to the house. Authorities told TMZ they found no evidence of guilt and interviewed Price’s boyfriend at home.


The artist, whose full name is Kelly Cherelle Price, was born on April 4, 1973 in Queens, New York City, New York, USA. She is an American R&B singer and songwriter who has been nominated for a nine-time Grammy award. Kelly started singing in church as a toddler in Queens, New York.

In January 1992, she made her professional debut with George Michael at Madison Square Garden. Kelly Price is considered one of America’s most popular gospel and R&B stars.

She first made her name as a backing singer and guest vocalist for Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Faith Evans. There are eight solo albums. Price, then-manager Jeffrey Rolle, Sr. was married to After 23 years of marriage, Kelly decided to divorce Rolle. The former couple has a son and a daughter.

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