Katty Perry tipped the waitress who scolded her

It was learned that Katty Perry tipped the waitress who scolded her. That diogloh between Katty and the waitress surprised everyone.

World-famous singer Katy Perry threw herself into a cafe while avoiding her fans. The star singer, who was scolded by the waiter for not having an empty table and kept waiting for a while, left a large amount of tip to the waitress because she treated her like a normal person.

Katty Perry tipped the waitress who scolded her 2 GMSPORS

Katy Perry, who was in Australia for the shooting of her fiancé Orlando Bloom‘s new movie ‘Wizards!’, had an interesting event. Perry, who threw himself into a cafe because of his fans’ excessive attention, was scolded by a waitress named Indianna Paull. The famous singer rewarded the waiter instead of complaining. Here are the details of the interesting event…

A waitress named Indianna Paull uploaded a TikTok video about her incident with the famous 37-year-old singer Katy Perry while working in a cafe in Port Douglas. The incident started when Perry wanted to sit at a table in the cafe he went to, but the famous name was told that there were no tables available.

Katty Perry tipped the waitress who scolded her 1 GMSPORS

Waiter Paull, who didn’t recognize the star because of his hat and sunglasses, told Perry to wait until a table was available. Indianna Paull has stated that Katy Perry initially ‘argued’ with her over the ‘lack of desks’, but later thanked her with a generous tip for acting like a ‘normal person’.

Indianna Paull summarized this event as follows; “The reason Katy Perry wanted to go into the cafe was because people were taking pictures of her. I was so oblivious to what was going on that I was running around like a headless bum, I had no idea!”

Katty Perry tipped the waitress who scolded her 3 GMSPORS

“I felt like an idiot and went to apologize,” said Indianna Paull, later adding that the famous name left her a generous tip as she left the cafe; but declined to specify the exact amount.