Katie Price turns out to cheat on her ex-boyfriend with 3 men

Kris Boyson claimed she was cheated three times by Katie Price

World-famous British singer and model Katie Price’s ex-girlfriend Kris Boyson made shocking statements on her Instagram live broadcast. Kris Boyson, ex-girlfriend of British model and singer Katie Price, made stunning confessions. Boyson, who said “She used me for fame”, claimed that Katie Price cheated on him with 3 different men

After Katie Price’s statement, “She used me for fame,” ex-girlfriend Kris Boyson claimed that the British star was with three different men while their relationship continued in 2019. Kris Boyson, ex-girlfriend of British model Katie Price, from Instagram made shocking statements in his live broadcast.

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The 31-year-old trainer, who got engaged to Price in late 2019, made harsh statements. “I’m not hungry for fame and I’m not trying to earn money. I could sell all the evidence I had to the press. I didn’t want to do that. I’m ignoring most of your comments because I wasted everyone’s time, I just want to mention a few things you said.”

Boyson said Price had relationships with three different men while the two were together. Kris said that Katie had no other choice for exposing her in a long post on her Instagram story. He accused his girlfriend of being a traitor, who allegedly cheated on him with 3 men.

The 31-year-old trainer also said, “It is more important for him to wander outside and sleep elsewhere than to take care of his children waiting at home.” Kristen Boyso with Katie Price, came frequently to Turkey for cosmetic operations and holidays.

Singer, this year Turkey experienced an unfortunate accident during the holidays, he broke both her ankles.

“It was a stupid accident,” said Katie Price. The British singer underwent face lifting, eyelid, eyebrow application, tummy tuck and Brazilian hip operations in Istanbul.

Katie Price’s ex: her career is over if I talk

Ex-girlfriend Kris Boyson broke his silence after Katie Price announced “He used me for fame”: If I speak, end my career.

World-famous British singer and model Katie Price’s ex-girlfriend, Kris Boyson, came up with surprising statements on the live stream of Instagram The 31-year-old trainer said Katie Price’s career would be over if she told what she knew.

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